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  1. Mutual assured destruction - Wikipedia › wiki › Mutual_assured_destruction

    Mutually assured destruction (MAD) is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy in which a full-scale use of nuclear weapons by two or more opposing sides would cause the complete annihilation of both the attacker and the defender (see pre-emptive nuclear strike and second strike).

  2. M.A.D. (Indian TV programme) - Wikipedia › wiki › M

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia M.A.D., which stands for "Music, Art and Dance", is an Indian educational children's television programme. It was produced by Miditech, and aired on Pogo TV. It began in 2005 and ran for seven seasons.

    • 70
    • Pogo TV
    • 2005 –, 2010
    • Miditech
  3. M.A.D (band) - Wikipedia › wiki › M

    M.A.D have now, ended. [ citation needed ] Their second single "Fame & TV" was released in February 2014 and reached number a final chart position of 32 on the UK Singles Chart It was also number 4 on the UK Indie Chart .

    • Aiden Hancock (2013), Michael Sutthakorn (2013-2014), Dan Lewis (2013-2014), Ben Pryer (2013-2014)
    • Pop
  4. M.A.D. - Wikipedia › wiki › M

    m.a.d. (エム.エー.ディー.)は、日本のダンス ユニットである。 ジャニーズ事務所に所属するジャニーズjr. で構成される。また、本項では改名後の"mad"(読み方は同じくエムエーディー)についても記載する。

  5. M.A.D.는 일본의 댄스 유닛이다. 쟈니즈 사무소에 소속하는 쟈니즈 Jr.로 구성된다. 2000년 5월 결성되었다. 개요. 댄스 유닛, Musical Academy의 이군으로서 Musical Academy Osaka와 함께 결성. 그룹명은 〈Musical Academy Dancing〉의 약어로, Musical Academy를 유래로 하고 있다.

  6. M.A.D | Bloons Wiki | Fandom › wiki › M

    The unabbreviated name for the M.A.D is "MOAB Assured Destroyer"; this is a reference to "mutually assured destruction", a form of military strategy involving the threat of full-scale destruction against both opposing sides, usually by both enemy sides gaining access to powerful nuclear weaponry.

  7. M.A.D. | Villains Wiki | Fandom › wiki › M
    • History
    • M.A.D. Agents
    • Known Members

    1980s TV series

    Info coming soon...

    2015 TV series

    In the 2015 TV series, M.A.D. went inactive after Doctor Claw was trapped in an iceberg prison. When Doctor Claw was freed from his iceberg prison by his nephew Talon, he reactivated M.A.D. and once again fought Inspector Gadget.

    M.A.D. has many assassins, soldiers, and scientists working for them, usually working directly on whatever scheme is being perpetrated while Doctor Claw observes and gives commands from afar (though often Claw will be present if he feels it is necessary). The organization is also known for using the same few henchmen in each mission (the nameless Big M.A.D. Agent voiced by Don Franks and the smaller M.A.D. Agent, voiced by Greg Duffell), often in disguises that, though flimsy, generally fool Inspector Gadget. In fact, the mission leader and the agents usually pull a ruse on Gadget to make themselves seem helpful and kind that usually backfires due to Penny and Brain's interference and Inspector Gadget's accident prone nature.

    1980s TV series

    1. Doctor Claw(leader) 2. MAD Cat

    2015 TV series

    1. Doctor Claw(leader) 2. MAD Cat 3. Talon 4. Mama Claw 5. Commander MADhail 6. Corsetta Camisole 7. Cuckoo Clockmaker 8. Jacques Crankcase 9. MADgician 10. MADison Von Trappe 11. MADtana Dan 12. MADthew Strong 13. Sue Donym

  8. M.A.D. | Inspector Gadget Wiki | Fandom › wiki › M

    M.A.D. is a malevolent criminal organization led by Dr. Claw. Because they are a malevolent organization, M.A.D. always does malevolent things, like stealing treasures or valuable items, kidnap famous or important people, disguise themselves as normal people, lay traps for Inspector Gadget, and usually kidnap Penny whenever she is snooping around.

  9. M.A.D | Goketsuji Wiki | Fandom › wiki › M

    M.A.D (full name being Max Ax Dax) is a character who appears in Groove On Fight. M.A.D. was voiced by Takumi Kawai.

  10. What does M.A.D. mean? › definition › M

    Definition of M.A.D. in the dictionary. Meaning of M.A.D.. What does M.A.D. mean? Information and translations of M.A.D. in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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