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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Machete is a 2010 American exploitation action film written and directed by Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis.

    • $10.5 million
    • Chingon
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    The machete (Portuguese: machete de braga) is a small stringed instrument from Madeira, Portugal. The instrument has a double bulged body, traditionally made of wood, with a small rib and has four metallic strings, which depending on the region, is attached by wooden pegs.

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    Film. Machete, directed by Kurt Neumann; Machete, directed by Robert Rodriguez; Machete (character), played by Danny Trejo in multiple Robert Rodriguez films Music. Machete (musical instrument)

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    Padre: [from trailer]
    [inside the church]
    Padre: It's not safe for you to be here.
    Machete: I'm not looking for "safe".
    Padre: No, I mean it's not safe for me for you to be here!
    given an offer he couldn't refuse...
    They just fucked with the wrong Mexican!
    If you're going to hire Machete to kill the bad guy, you better make damn sure the bad guy isn't you!
    He knows the score. He gets the women. And he kills the bad guys!
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    Main article: Machete (musical instrument) The machete is a steel-string version of the cavaquinho from Madeira. It is a predecessor of the modern ukulele. The Machete de Braga (“ Braga -style machete ”) is called a braguinha.

    • Portugal
    • (Composite chordophone)
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    A machete (/ m ə ˈ ʃ ɛ t i /; Spanish pronunciation: ) is a broad blade used either as an agricultural implement similar to an axe, or in combat like a long-bladed knife. The blade is typically 30 to 45 centimetres (12 to 18 in) long and usually under 3 millimetres (0.12 in) thick.

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    The story revolves around Machete Cortez (Danny Trejo), a former Mexican Federal. The film opens in Mexico with Machete and his younger partner on a mission to rescue a kidnapped girl (Mayra J. Leal). During the operation, his partner is killed, the kidnapped girl stabs him before being killed herself, and Machete is betrayed by his corrupt Chief to the powerful drug lord, Rogelio Torrez (Steven Seagal), who kills Machete's wife and implies that he will kill his daughter before leaving him for dead. Three years later, a down-and-out Machete roams Texas, scraping by on yard work. Michael Booth (Jeff Fahey), a local businessman and spin doctor, explains to Machete that corrupt Texas State Senator John McLaughlin (Robert De Niro) is sending hundreds of illegal immigrants out of the country. In order to stop this, Booth offers Machete $150,000 to kill McLaughlin. Machete accepts the murder contract after Booth threatens to kill him if he does not. Machete trains a rifle on McLaughlin fr...

    Danny Trejo as Machete Cortez, "a legendary ex-Federale with a deadly attitude and the skills to match."
    Robert De Niro as Senator John McLaughlin, a politician campaigning to incite hatred against illegal immigrants.
    Jessica Alba as Sartana Rivera, "a beautiful Immigrations Officer torn between enforcing the law and doing what is popular in the eyes of her familia." Alba also portrays Sartana's twin sister in d...
    Steven Seagal as Rogelio Torrez, a drug lord, as well as Machete's former partner with the Federales.

    Filming for the fake trailer for Grindhouse began in the summer of 2006, while Rodriguez was also filming Planet Terror. The scenes that Rodriguez shot only consisted of scenes involving Danny Trejo, Cheech Marin, Jeff Fahey, as well as Tito Larriva. Some of the scenes filmed for the trailer were left intact in the film, while others have been re-shot. Principal photography began on July 29, 2009 in and around the city of Austin, Texas. Lindsay Lohan filmed her role in three days, two in August and one in September. Principal photography of the film ended on September 24, 2009.

    They just fucked with the wrong Mexican!
    If you're going to hire Machete to kill the bad guy, you better make damn sure the bad guy isn't you!
    He knows the score. He gets the women. And he kills the bad guys!
    Yesterday He Was a Decent Man Living a Decent Life. Now He is a Brutal Savage Who Must Slaughter to Stay Alive.
    As Robert Rodriguez tells it, after conceiving of the character of Machete and telling Danny Trejo about it, Rodriquez started receiving phone calls at random hours of the day from Danny, trying to...
    This film was made because of the popularity of a fake trailer for a non-existent "Machete" film that was featured in the theatrical version of Grindhouse (2007), along with other fake trailers and...
    Body count: 98.
    Jessica Alba had a "no-nudity" clause in her contract, which is why her clothes were digitally removed for her "nude" scenes.
    In the scene where Jeff Fahey enters the house and starts shooting everyone with a silenced gun, the first man's head gets shot before we hear the sound of a gun.
    (Deliberate by filmmaker) During the pool scene, as April enters the water is played by Lindsay Lohan. After Machete enters the pool, the character is clearly not Lohan. This is because the footage...
    The window next to the door in Luz's house changes between shots. In the exterior shot it's covered with cardboard or some other brown sheet (we even see the explosive bounce and fall to the ground...
    During the monologue leading to the showdown between Torrez and Machete, two actors can be seen fighting behind and to the left of Torrez. During the dialog, they can be seen in and out of frame mu...
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    Sep 03, 2010 · Storyline The highly skilled Federale Machete is hired by some unsavory types to assassinate a senator. But just as he's about to take the shot, he notices someone aiming at him and realizes he's been set up.

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    This is a list of musical instruments.. Afghani guitar; Alghoza; Accordion; Bagpipes; Banjo. Banjo cello; Bass banjo; Five-stringed banjo. Bluegrass banjo; Four-stringed banjo. Plectrum banjo

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