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  1. One was called Schwanstein Castle. In 1832, Ludwig's father King Maximilian II of Bavaria bought its ruins to replace them with the comfortable neo-Gothic palace known as Hohenschwangau Castle. Finished in 1837, the palace became his family's summer residence, and his elder son Ludwig (born 1845) spent a large part of his childhood here.

  2. A popular 2014 board game, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, is named for Ludwig II and inspired by his penchant for elaborate and whimsical castles; Neuschwanstein Castle is pictured on the box. The 2022 collector’s edition of the game features a “Towers” expansion that incorporates new tiles and miniatures based on eight of the king’s castles.

  3. Apr 20, 2020 · The most iconic of all King Ludwig’s Castles, this fanciful cliff-top refuge was a true masterpiece of architectural design and went on to inspire Walt Disney’s Cinderella castle. The foundation stone of Ludwig’s dream escape was laid on 5th September 1869 with the Gateway Building completed in June 1872.

  4. This glorious folly was built in the 19th-Century by the famed "mad" King Ludwig II, a man intoxicated by mythology and who himself became a legend. The shimmering white towers of the castle among the clouds are instantly recognizable to many who haven’t ever heard the name Neuschwanstein.

  5. Neuschwanstein is an intricate castle near Füssen, Germany, built by order of Bavaria's King Louis II ("Mad King Ludwig") atop a rock ledge over the Pöllat Gorge in the Bavarian Alps. Construction started in 1868 but was never finished. Neuschwanstein Castle during construction. 4 Jun 2015 ... History of Neuschwanstein Castle ...

  6. Ludwig already knew the area around Linderhof from his youth when he had accompanied his father King Maximilian II of Bavaria on his hunting trips in the Bavarian Alps. When Ludwig II became King in 1864, he inherited the so-called Königshäuschen from his father, and in 1869 began enlarging the building. In 1874, he decided to tear down the ...

  7. Mad Ludwig became King, and transformed the castle into an impenetrable fortress with secret passageways to terrify his guests. Soon, the treasury was empty. Ludwig's advisers tried to overthrow him, but he just laughed and threw a lavish winter festival in their honor.

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