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    MadWorld is a beat 'em up hack and slash video game developed by PlatinumGames, published by Sega, produced by Atsushi Inaba, and directed by Shigenori Nishikawa.It was released worldwide for the Wii in March 2009, and in Japan in February 2010.

    • Shigenori Nishikawa
    • SegaJP: Spike
    • PlatinumGames
    • NA: March 10, 2009, EU: March 20, 2009, AU: March 26, 2009, JP: February 10, 2010
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    Three days before the game's event, the fictional Varrigan City became a target for a group of terrorists called "The Organizers", who severed the island city's transportation and communication ties with the rest of the world, and then released a virus onto its population that would kill them in less than 24 hours. However, the Organizers informed the populace that any person that killed another would receive the vaccine. The city was quickly transformed into the stage of a recurring game show called "DeathWatch", with announcers Howard "Buckshot" Holmes and former DeathWatch fighter Kreese Kreeley. The remaining citizens of Varrigan City as well as new hopefuls become the show's contestants, hoping to become the top-ranked fighter in the game and win a large cash prize. Jack Cayman, a man with a retractable chainsaw built onto one arm, enters the games and manages to gain sponsorship from "Agent XIII". The game's organizers, led by Noa, knows Jack's motive is more than just to win,...

    The player takes control of a character named Jack Cayman and must progress through levels in a linear fashion during the first playthrough, but can revisit any completed level to attempt to score more points or take on a harder challenge.MadWorld is divided into several levels representing different parts of Jefferson Island that have been converted into sets for the game show "DeathWatch", the plot is similar in setup to the manga known as Deadman Wonderland. Most levels are open environments, allowing the player to explore them freely, although some sections of the level may require the player to earn a number of points before it will be accessible. A few levels feature motorcycle-based combat where the main character, Jack, is assaulted by foes as they race down a track or in a small arena. The player is challenged to beat the level's boss within a time limit, but in order to activate the boss fight, the player must accumulate enough points by defeating regular foes on the level...

    MadWorld was created by Platinum Games in their attempt to make a game that would be "fun and attractive" for the Wii, but that would also have a high level of violence that would make it unique among other games. Their aim was to make use of a simpler and more elegant art style, leading them to develop the black-and-white scheme. However, this choice was not due to any limitations of the Wii's hardware, according to producer Atsushi Inaba. The black-and-white motif ultimately lead to the graphic novel-type approach used in them; both Inaba and Shigenori Nishikawa acknowledged the influence of Frank Miller's Sin Cityinto the work, but also noted they borrowed from both Western and Japanese comic book styles to create a unique style. The game was developed using Softimage for creation of the game's art, and a custom engine built to handle the art aesthetic and limitations of the Wii's memory. The game's sets are completely modeled with complex lighting features, but only normal maps...

    MadWorld has received generally positive reviews from critics. In its April 2009 issue, Nintendo Power gave MadWorlda 9/10 rating. IGN gave the game a 9.0/10, praising the style, gameplay, and music, but criticizing the camera and short length, though it mentions that the hard difficulty level lengthens the game and increases the challenge considerably. Pixel Hunt called it "one of the few must-have Wii titles". praised the title for its artistic game design, but stated that the overall delivery had trouble living up to the hype. felt the game was more flash than substance, giving it a 3/5 and stating that, "Divorced of its unique graphics and over-the-top presentation, this is actually a rather mediocre beat-em-up." Game Informer disagreed, praising the deep combat system and arguing that "for an amateur to become a talented executioner, you'll have to lash out creatively, prolonging your victim's death through multiple phases of pain. MadWorld runs the ga...

    MadWorldhas been the subject of controversy in the United Kingdom due to its violent subject matter. John Beyer, director of mediawatch-uk, has expressed his distaste over the game's content, stating his desire for it to not receive a rating from the BBFC, which would effectively ban it from being sold. He stated "We need to ensure that modern and civilized values take priority rather than killing and maiming people." Fans' response to the organization have been hostile, accusing mediawatch-uk of being "cowards" and "narrow-minded bigots." On August 19, 2008, Sega announced that MadWorldwould not be released in Germany. Despite the fact that Australia is also known for strict video game classification, the game was released there unedited, with an MA15+ rating. One Nintendo representative has said that the Wii is a system for anybody, including adults, and that the game, like all video games, would be rated and would therefore be available for purchase to people of and above that ag...

    Multiple elements of MadWorld's gameplay are similar to the gameplay of God Hand, a game play developed by Clover Studios, these are intentional, considering that PlatinumGames, the developers of M...
    Despite God Hand and Mad World's many similarities in game play, there are some key differences
    MadWorld's black-and-white art style which uses negative space, as well as splashes of color for blood, is inspired by Frank Miller's graphic novel, Sin City.
    The setting, premise, and even some gameplay elements of MadWorld are similar to Manhunt, a game series made by Rockstar North, as both feature brutal & cinematic execution moves, pit the player ag...
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    Mar 10, 2009 · MADWORLD MadWorld is a unique action game experience with two signature characteristics: An eye-catching, monochromatic visual style that’s yet to be matched; and sense-shattering, bone-shredding violence. Experience a unique blend of brutality, humor and madness in a graphic novel-style world that’s black and white and blood-red all over.

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    "Mad World" is a 1982 song by the British band Tears for Fears. Written by Roland Orzabal and sung by bassist Curt Smith, it was the band's third single release and first chart hit, reaching number 3 on the UK Singles Chart in November 1982.

    • "Ideas as Opiates", "Saxophones as Opiates" (12-inch)
    • 20 September 1982
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  7. Mad World is an immersive MMORPG at its core, boasting a unique hand-drawn gritty art style presented in a 2D isometric perspective, illustrating a story which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Whilst offering PvE raiding commanding strategy, dynamic boss encounters, competitive PvP environments and other characteristics widely accompanied in traditional MMOs, the development of the game will put a core focus on combat and massively multiplayer experiences.

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    Mad World (Cantonese: 一念無明) is a 2016 Hong Kong drama film directed by Wong Chun and starring Shawn Yue, Eric Tsang, Elaine Jin and Charmaine Fong. It is Wong's directorial debut after winning the First Feature Film Initiative.

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    Mad World is a free to play, browser based MMORPG which aims to mix classic and beloved MMO features with innovative and new mechanics. Set i n a post-apocalyptic world infested with dark souls, a few brave men dare to dream of escaping from the grim reality of this dystopian world, known simply as “The Mad World”. Adventure and discover secrets old and new.

  10. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - Wikipedia's_a_Mad,_Mad,_Mad,_Mad...

    It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World is a 1963 American comedy film produced and directed by Stanley Kramer with a screenplay by William Rose and Tania Rose from a story by Tania Rose. The film, starring Spencer Tracy with an all-star cast, is about the madcap pursuit of $350,000 in stolen cash by a diverse and colorful group of strangers.

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