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    • Characters in All Hail King Julien

      • Clover. Clover (voiced by India de Beaufort) is a green-eyed crowned lemur who is King Julien's bodyguard. She is smart,...
      • Masikura. Masikura (voiced by Debra Wilson) is a psychic chameleon who appears once you call her. She sticks her tongue...
      • Maggie the Unwashed. Maggie (voiced by Andy Richter) is a poor replacement of Masikura, her... Characters in All Hail King Julien ,a poor replacement of Masikura, her... More
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    King Julien takes on the role of King of the Lemurs of Madagascar after his uncle "Uncle King Julien" hands him the crown and leaves the kingdom. Julien is given a personal bodyguard named Cloverand even though he thinks she can be a bit paranoid, he trusts her. In "King Me," in spite of his usual selfishness, he went to save his people and fought the fossas, even though he knew he could be hurt in seconds. Eventually, he is bitten on the butt by a fossa. When he was looking for a weapon to d...

    The day Alexand his friends came to Madagascar, King Julien and his subjects were enjoying their party celebrating Clover's wedding when it was invaded by the fossa. When the fossa was scared off by Alex, Julien and his people were hiding in the trees and saw this scene, thinking Alex and his friends were giants from some faraway land, with Julien coming forward and presenting himself as the king of the lemurs. When asked where the people were, Julien pointed to a skeleton of a man caught in...

    Several months later on Christmas Eve, Julien informs the Zoosters of something called, “The Red Night Goblin”, who every year throws black rocks at the kingdom. Alex manages to strike the goblin and have it crash land on the island. The goblin turns out to really be Santa Claus, who now as amnesia. While Alex and the gang deliver the gifts (hoping to get back to New Yorkwhen they finish), Santa celebrates Christmas in Madagascar with the lemurs. Santa makes presents for all of the lemurs out...

    King Julien is the ultimate party animal and is continuously full of himself, such as calling January, "Julianuary" and instead of saying 11, he says "Me-leven" and calling a stand-up of himself a "me-coy" instead of a decoy. This spoiled king likes to order everyone around and he would be completely intolerable if not for his insistence that everyone has fun! King Julien's towering ego more than makes up for his pint-sized body. He's quick with an insult but even quicker with a smile, so it's hard for anyone to take this lemur too seriously. Julien very much speaks his mind; even it might be rude or mean he gives his honest opinion. He is the most eccentric and colorful character. He also fights with the penguins in some episodes. He is the penguins most powerful foe and ally. King Julien's vocabulary and grammar levels are shown to be even lower in the shows than in the movies. In "Lemur See, Lemur Do", instead of saying "most disappointing" he says "disappointiest". Also, in "Pop...


    He wasn't shown having a real love interest in the Madagascar movies until Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. He instantly becomes smitten with Sonyathe Bear, who eats him whole and pulls him out covered in saliva. ("What a woman!"). Something that shocks and disturbs Maurice and Mort. The two hit it off, causing mischief during the circus's Europe tour. He even willingly gives up his crown to be with her and goes with the rest of the gang on the circus tour.

    Penguins of Madagascar

    In the Penguins of Madagascarseries, however, King Julien was given many love interests, particularly with Marlene. 1. In Kaboom and Kabust, Julien and Rico have a "Blowing Things Up" montage which parodies "Falling In Love" montages - however, Julien was only interested in Rico to cause mischief and explosions; upon learning it's dangerous to blow things up with Rico, he loses interest. 2. In Otter Gone Wild, Marlene fell in love with Julien, but which Julien didn't appreciate enough because...

    All Hail King Julien

    In the All Hail King JulienNetflix series, he has also shown several love interests, including Clover who is his personal bodyguard. [see full article: Rumour: Julien&Clover] 1. In King Me, he proposed "repopulating" the kingdom with Clover (when the other lemurs were held captive by the Fossa), and later on in the episode, he promotes her to Commander for her bravery, much to her joy. 2. In Crimson and Clover, King Julien falls in love with Clover's energetic and wild twin sister, Crimson. I...

    Although quite lazy, his constant (virtually all the time) dancing keeps him in good physical condition, plus his natural high agility, flexibility, strength, dexterity, speed, and reflexes make him quite physically able. Ironically, he oftentimes loses physical contests if he takes part of them (actually, if shortly, racing with Maurice and Mort, would've easily been beaten by the rats in the hockey rink if they hadn't stepped on his feet) but then sometimes shows how fit he is, such as winning Capture The Flag with his team and a limbo contest, where he was able to keep his balance throughout his body and be parallel to the ground while walking forward with his toes. It is also shown (at least in Kaboom and Kabust) that he even knows how to swim! Although he has little (if any) combat training or experience, when motivated he is shown to arguably better than anyone. In Assault & Batteries, he was able to hold his own against Skipper and even defeat him (arguably), something that n...

    Because he was king back in Madagascar, he has hundreds of lemur followers who obey and admire him.
    Typically, he is served by Mort and Maurice who left Madagascar with him.
    In Operation: Neighbor Swap, the bunnies became loyal to him.
    In an interview with Tom McGrath, he stated that Julien had several loyal citizens, most predominantly of which was a Lemur named Troy.
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    Self-proclaimed "Lord of the Lemurs," Julien ruled over a great colony of lemurs in Madagascar with charisma and certainly little ability to lead. It's a goof for Julien to be a king since male ring tails are not leaders (although in the movie Maurice said he was "self-proclaimed" lord of the lemurs). Julien had parties for his people on Madagascar with much frequency, the likes of which were interrupted constantly by the Fossa, which trespassed onto the lemur villages, interrupting their par...

    Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

    After leaving Stevie the gecko in charge, Julien, along with Maurice and Mort, accompany Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman to New York on the plane built by the penguins. (After kicking Mort off the plane.) He is in the first class, ordering constant refreshments, and amusing himself with plane crash videos. As the plane crashes down to Africa after running out of fuel and momentum, Julien takes utter pleasure in the feeling of weightlessness caused by the high speed descent. By being in First C...

    Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

    King Julien has a supporting role in this film. He goes with the crew to Europe after crash landing their own plane (again), and appears in a lot of scenes. One of them is when he is ready to flip the switch when Maurice gives the signal and Mort is holding the clock. He presses it, shutting the power down and also appears in another scene where Captain Chantel DuBoispursues them while Gloria, Melman, Marty, Alex, The penguins (Skipper, Rico, Private, Kowalski), and Maurice, Mort and King Jul...

    Julian hasn't shown romantic feelings toward any of the female characters in the Madagascar films until the third one. In Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, he instantaneously falls in love with Sonya. While on tour with the circus, Julian even relinquishes his crown to be with her and they go with the others on the circus' American tour. In the television series, The Penguins of Madagascar, Julian has shown attraction for a myriad of different women. 1. In the episode "Otter Gone Wild", he was kidnapped by Marlene, who became feral once she left the zoo, and the object of her affection, which he did not return due to her then wild nature. However, he is disheartened when she doesn't recall her affection for him when they return to the zoo. He believed himself to be Marlene's secret boyfriend due to this and battled Fred the Squirrel for her hand in "Otter Things Have Happened". After losing to Fred, he decided that Marlene wasn't worth fighting for and loses interest in her. 2. He...

    Julian is very lazy, but his constant dancing keeps him in good shape. As a lemur, he has naturally high agility, flexibility, dexterity, speed, and reflexes. He can swim and is durable enough to survive hits and falls that should damage him greatly. Although he lacks combat training or experience and is often shown to be too timid to fight, Julian has proven to be a rather capable fighter when properly motivated (usually by anger or annoyance). In the episode "Assault & Batteries", he held his own against and arguably defeated Skipper in a fight, something that none of the other penguins or zoo animals could do. He also defeated Eggy, someone whom the Penguins couldn't defeat either due to Eggy possessing their combined abilities. Julian is also able to fight with twin sticks, similar to the martial art "Eskrima". Despite having a low intellect, Julian has shown to have occassional cases of brilliance such as when he was able to keep up with Skipper's incredibly complex plan in the...

    Julian is a self-appointed monarch of the lemurs, and the Central Park Zoo in the TV show, and therefore shows clear signs of arrogance. He is easy-going and enjoys festivities. Julien believes he can order around other, usually larger and more powerful, animals. He is incredibly egotistical, shown by him creating his own holiday called Julian Day to celebrate himself and naming the month of December & several imaginary numbers after himself. Julian is also sensitive to rejection, jealous of other people's success, and expects acceptance from everyone, though this may stem from a hidden desire to keep his friends by his side.

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    Karen Karl Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan Kid Kazoo King Fossa King Joey King Julien King Julien I King Julien II King Julien the Hygienic King Julien the Terrible King Julien/BTS King Julien/Trivia Kipper Kitka Kitka/BTS Koto Kowalski

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    In The Penguins of Madagascar, Mason and Phil are supporting characters in the series, and are shown to be annoyed by Julien's partying. They attempt to rid him of his ways by tricking Julien into thinking a solar eclipse was a sign that the "sky spirits" disapproved of his behavior. [9]

    • Madagascar (2005)
    • Ben Stiller (films and TV specials), Wally Wingert (first video game, spin-offs, Ride Attractions), Quinn Dempsey Stiller (cub), Declan Swift (cub), Crispin Freeman (second and third video games, All Hail King Julien, DreamWorksTV Animations, Ride Attractions, Commercials), Tucker Chandler (cub; A Little Wild)
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    Mort is so cute and popular that he was put on the cover of the zoo brochure in The Penguin Stays In the Picture. His plush toys are a popular sale in the zoo, and he even has a t-shirt design. Visitors to the zoo comment on how adorable he is just as much as they do on Private.

    In the zoo, Mort still has his negative personality. Not many animals in the zoo know who he is, but all of the main characters do. Like in Madagascar, Mort loves to touch feet, especially King Julien's. His love of King Julien's feet started when King Julien kicked the Fossa away, therefore saving Mort's life. This event happened in the first episode of All Hail King Julien, \\"King Me.\\" Mort is known as an unlucky character who is often a victim of terrible events, in the end of most of his appearances. Although Mort is both disliked and pushed around by King Julien, he does not seem to be bothered by it. However, he did turn on Julien in Mort Unbound when Kowalski's giant ray granted him super strength and size. He was shrunken down again with an antidote. He didn't want to be himself before, but in the end, he is happy of what size he is. A big reason why Mort likes King Julien is because of King Julien's feet. Because of that, he always volunteers for anything that involves King Julien. Although King Julien despises him, he actually enjoys Maurice and Mort worshiping him, as he has confessed many times. King Julien has also cried over Mort when he thought he had been shot to death in the All Hail King Julien episode, \\"Diapers are the New Black.\\" In the first Madagascar game, however, he seemed to be intelligent like King Julien. Though in the second one, He seemed to be less intelligent then his usual character.

    Zora - In All Hail King Julien: Exiled, Mort came to the idea to seduce Zora by telling her that he wants to marry her so that he can get the tools and use them to escape. The next day, Mort and Zora come to a fight to the death, which ends in a head kiss from Mort and moves Zora that much that she spares him and returns a kiss. Mort takes the opportunity to take her key while she is sleeping then apologizes by calling her \\"darling\\". After Koto's death, they share kisses and marry each other. However, Mort seemed unhappy with his marriage to Zora on King Julien is Watching You as it shows him making a schematic drawing of Julien's foot while in Clover's compound prison. After Zora falls in love with King's Julien's uncle, Mort cries out for Zora until he laughs triumphantly, feeling free from Zora for good, explaining Zora's abscene in the films and specials.

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    At the Central Park Zoo, Marty the zebra is celebrating his tenth birthday, but has grown bored with his daily routine and longs to experience the wild. Marty's best friend is Alex the lion, who enjoys showing off for the public and his celebrity status as \\"the king of New York\\". Alex attempts to cheer Marty up, but Marty, still unsatisfied, gets some tips from the zoo's penguins—Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private—who are trying to escape the zoo, and follows them out. Alex, Melman the gira...

    1. Ben Stiller as Alex 2. Chris Rock as Marty 3. David Schwimmer as Melman 4. Jada Pinkett Smith as Gloria 5. Sacha Baron Cohen as King Julien 6. Tom McGrath as Skipper 7. Cedric the Entertainer as Maurice 8. Andy Richter as Mort 9. Christopher Knights as Private 10. Chris Miller as Kowalski 11. Jeffrey Katzenberg as Rico 12. Conrad Vernon as Mason 13. Elisa Gabrielli as Nana 14. Tom McGrath and Eric Darnell as the fossa and miscellaneous lemurs

    The film gained mixed reviews from critics; on Rotten Tomatoes, the film received a 55% approval rating based on 178 reviews. On Metacritic, the film scored 57%, falling under the \\"Mixed Or Average\\" category.

    1. \\"I Like To Move It\\" - Sacha Baron Cohen 2. \\"Boogie Wonderland\\" - Earth, Wind & Fire 3. \\"Stayin' Alive\\" - the Bee Gees 4. \\"What a Wonderful World\\" - Louis Armstrong

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