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    Marty temporarily had an iPod before Alex broke it. He is sometimes seen walking and standing on his hind legs like Alex and Gloria, he mostly walks on two legs in the second film but not much in the first. Marty, along with his friends has only a few small cameos in The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper. He, Alex, and Gloria are seen at the beginning decorating Melman's neck with Christmas lights. At the end, he, his friends, and almost all the other zoo animals are seen singing their own version of \\"Jingle Bells\\".

    At the beginning of the 1st film, Marty was born in Africa and was taken away from his mom who was later killed by the hunters. He ended up in the Central Park Zoo where he later met Alex, Melman, and Gloria, and the four became good friends. All of his friends loved being pampered, except him, Marty soon saw that his 10th birthday came and went, and with that, his life was halfway in, and decided that he must travel to the wild for at least a short time, never having seen the wild before.

    The film begins on Marty's 10th birthday. His friends try to give him a great birthday, but somehow, Marty wants more. He escapes the Central Park Zoo, in which he lives, and makes a dash for the wild. His friends, Alex the Lion, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippopotamus flag him down, but as they're about to take him back to the zoo, police officers appear in all directions, tranquilize the animals, and send them on a ship to Kenya. However, the penguins take over the ship and the four friends are washed up on the shores of Madagascar. Once on the island, the animals begin to panic except for Marty, who has had his dream fulfilled. Marty sets up a \\"bar\\" on the island, known as Casa del Wild (in English Home of the Wild). Alex is mad at Marty for getting them shipped to the wild, but he later apologizes to Marty and actually begins to enjoy himself on the island. Unfortunately, his enjoyment brings on his killer instincts, causing him to attack the resident lemurs and his friends, including Marty. Alex doesn't \\"go savage\\" for long, and is later able to rejoin his friends as they head back to the zoo.

    Marty now has a better Relationship with Alex when they join the circus Marty sings the theme song Afro Circus, which the theme song later changes to Afro Circus/I Like To Move It, and he sings it with Julien

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    At one point in the first movie, Alex says he's black with white stripes, as he has 30 black, and only 29 white, but this was partly due to the fact that Alex had to give an explanation as to why he was licking Marty, as he thought he was the steak in his dream.Also often Marty mentions that it is black with white stripes, although in the herd of zebras, very few zebras have their exact stripes pattern.Marty also likes to dress up, in Madagascar 3, Esmeralda, Esperanza and Ernestina offered t...

    In the beginning, Marty lived a life of comfort in the zoo, but comfort led to boredom and Marty soon saw that his tenth birthday came and went and with that, his life was halfway in. Marty decided, then, that he must travel to the wild, for at least a short time, never having seen the wild.Marty is enthusiastic and always willing for a great adventure with his pals. However, he also has a complexity about his individuality, since he felt like he was no different from the other zebras (who li...

    Marty is a zebra, so by nature he loves to run. He almost managed to escape from Alex in the first film, ran along with his new herd in the second film and was able to dodge spears from the humans who followed Nana.

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  4. Characters | Madagascar Wiki | Fandom

    Alex Gloria Marty Melman Florrie King Julien Kowalski Maurice Mort Nana/Mr. Chew Private Rico Skipper Zuba Kowalski Private Rico Skipper Dr. Blowhole King Julien Marlene Maurice Mort Clover King Julien Maurice Mort Masikura Timo Xixi Karl Uncle King Julien

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    All the characters who appear in the movies, the specials, or the series.

  6. List of Madagascar (franchise) characters - Wikipedia

    Gloria is a gorgeous female hippopotamus who resided in the Central Park Zoo as an attraction, all the while being good friends with Alex, Marty, Melman, and becoming the latter's girlfriend as of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. She has gray skin, brown eyes, a snout, short arms and legs, black fingernails, an enormously fat belly, short stubby ...

    • Madagascar (2005)
    • Ben Stiller (films and TV specials), Wally Wingert (first video game, spin-offs, Ride Attractions), Quinn Dempsey Stiller (cub), Declan Swift (cub), Crispin Freeman (second and third video games, All Hail King Julien, DreamWorksTV Animations, Ride Attractions, Commercials), Tucker Chandler (cub; A Little Wild)
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    Alex and Marty are the only one of the main characters to appear in every work in the franchise. They are in all the movies, Merry Madagascar, Madly Madagascar, Christmas Caper (in the beginning lighting up Melman, and in the end singing), PoM TV (Skipper's imagination), AHKJ (crash landing on the island), and PoM the Movie (dancing shilloette).

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    Voiced most times by Phil LaMarr. Images of the Marty voice actors from the Madagascar franchise.

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    Blog. Feb. 17, 2021. 3 ways to boost your virtual presentation skills; Feb. 16, 2021. How to work from home: The ultimate WFH guide; Feb. 10, 2021. Why educators should appear on-screen for instructional videos

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    [Columbia Symphony Orchestra: Born Free plays in the distance. We see Marty, a zebra, swing on a vine, fly past some flying penguins, jump over a canyon and run toward the sunset of a watering hole. Alex a lion sees the unsuspecting Marty and rushes in front of him.] Alex: Surprise! Marty: (Screams, Falls, springs into a double somersault and hits his head against the wall. We find out he and ...

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