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    Madagascar (/ ˌ m æ d ə ˈ ɡ æ s k ər,-k ɑːr /; Malagasy: Madagasikara), officially the Republic of Madagascar (Malagasy: Repoblikan'i Madagasikara Malagasy pronunciation: [republiˈkʲan madaɡasˈkʲarə̥]; French: République de Madagascar), and previously known as the Malagasy Republic, is an island country in the Indian Ocean, approximately 400 kilometres (250 miles) off the ...

  2. Oct 30, 2020 · Madagascar, island country lying off the southeastern coast of Africa. Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, after Greenland, New Guinea, and Borneo.

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    Nov 15, 2019 · 15 November 2019 Situated off the southeast coast of Africa, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. Having developed in isolation, the island nation is famed for its unique wildlife....

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    Capital Antananarivo Government Type semi-presidential republic Currency MGF Population 26,955,737 Total Area

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    Madagascar is the largest African island situated in the Indian Ocean, about 450 km (280 mi) east of the coast of Mozambique. The fourth largest island in the world has been isolated for about 88 million years and many of its plants and animals are unique to the island.

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  7. Madagascar | Facts, History & News

    Madagascar lies in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa opposite Mozambique. The world's fourth-largest island, it is twice the size of Arizona. The country's low-lying coastal area gives way to a central plateau. The once densely wooded interior has largely been cut down.

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    Nov 09, 2020 · Madagascar is an island country of Africa. It is located around 400 km off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean with the nearest mainland African country being Mozambique. It is located in the Southern and Eastern Hemispheres of the Earth. The island country of Mauritius and Réunion (territory of France), lie to the east of Madagascar.

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    Jun 15, 2020 · Madagascar has been an isolated island for around 70 million years. It broke away first from Africa around 165 million years ago and then from India nearly 100 million years later. This isolation led to the development of unique flora and fauna species, with 90 percent of its wildlife found only in Madagascar.

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    Madagascar is an island nation located off of the coast of Africa. Its official name is the Republic of Madagascar. The country is one of the largest islands in the world. It is a popular tourist spot and is well known for its biodiversity.

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