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  1. Mae Brussell

    The research of the late political researcher and historian Mae Brussell. For 17 years Mae shared with her radio audience her daily research on political assassinations and world-wide government corruption.

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    Her almost ten years of work are based on the theory that government is moved as much or more by conspiracy than by any democratic process." — KLRB, June 1972. This is a collection of Mae Brussell's recordings from 1971 to 1988. The archive begins in June 1971, a month after Mae began her radio career as a frequent guest on KLRB's Dialogue, which expanded into KLRB's regular segment Dialogue: Assassination and from there into Dialogue: Conspiracy and World Watchers International.

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    Mae Brussell -Guest Ted Charach, filmaker of _The Second Gun_ Who Really Killed RFK__- (8-4-75).ogg download 23.5M Mae Brussell -JFK Assassination 10th Anniversary- November 19,1973.ogg download

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    The 60th anniversary exhibit will be on display at the museum, 17155 W. 44th Ave., through October. The museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The exhibit makes use of archival materials from the museum’s permanent collection and takes visitors on a trip through the past, not only of the museum, but of the railroads.

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    I have uploaded almost all of Mae Brussell’s radio shows that I have in my possession to the web (currently 710 shows). I still need to upload call-in shows, radio interviews with Mae on other stations, a few lectures, recordings from her conspiracy course taught with Ray Fabrizio in 1974 and more.

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    Well, Mae's research materials, her writings, documents, books and tapes, still exist. They are stored in an old stone building in Santa Barbara, California. They need to be unpacked, indexed, catalogued, and displayed for the benefit of the public. This is where you come in.

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    Mae Brussell was a true research virtuoso who exposed many events of suppressed history. Although, at times it appears Mae wandered off on tangents, but in the end, the spider web of evil she revealed all met in the middle, and what appeared to be seemingly unrelated stories were in fact all interconnected.

  10. Mae Brussell discusses Hitler's birthday, Reich, Nazi take over of the US and then continues discussing new info on the Reagan AssassinationApril 19, 1981KLRB

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