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  1. Talk:Mae Brussell - Wikipedia › wiki › Talk:Mae_Brussell

    Mae believed just about every 'Conspiracy Theory' out there. John Lennon was 'Assassinated' by conspiracy, as was RFK, JFK, MLK, along with The Manson Gang being part of some conspiracy, along with the SLA Gang members in the U.S. Art Galleries were often 'Fronts' for Secret Government Operations Mae believed.

  2. Mae Brussell

    The research of the late political researcher and historian Mae Brussell. For 17 years Mae shared with her radio audience her daily research on political assassinations and world-wide government corruption.

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  4. Mae brussel | Article about Mae brussel by The Free Dictionary › Mae+brussel

    After seventeen years of feisty and fiery radio broadcasts in which she warned her listeners that the United States was secretly controlled by a shadow government, Mae Brussell became known to her many admirers as the queen of conspiracy theorists. Born in Beverly Hills in 1922, Mae was the daughter of the prominent Wilshire Boulevard Temple ...

  5. Who was Mae Brussell? — ClearNFO › mae-brussell

    Nov 30, 2014 · Mae Brussell (May 29, 1922 – October 3, 1988) Mae in her office. S he was a housewife and mother of five who later became the most remarkable and talented researcher possibly of all time. How did she predict so many major events like the Robert Kennedy assassination or the Ronald Reagan attempted assassination?

  6. THE MAE BRUSSELL LIBRARY - Hood College › Collection › Weisberg Subject Index Files

    THE MAE BRUSSELL LIBRARY 925 De La Vina Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805) 899-3722 Dear Friend of Mae Brussell, I knew Mae Brussell for over 17 years. People were almost instinctively attracted to her, she stimulated your mind and captured your heart. She was kind, generous, compassionate, and fun to be around.

  7. The Compleat Mae Brussell : Mae Brussell : Free Download ... › details › the-compleat-mae-brussell

    "Dialogue: Conspiracy is a program which shares the political research of Mae Brussell. Her almost ten years of work are based on the theory that government is moved as much or more by conspiracy than by any democratic process." — KLRB, June 1972 This is a collection of Mae Brussell's recordings from 1971 to 1988.

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  9. The Mind of Mae Brussell › Mae Brussell Articles › Mind of Mae

    Mae Brussell's ascension to the throne as the queen of conspiracy investigations began with a harsh dose of culture shock during her childhood. Raised in Beverly Hills affluence, she was unhurt by the Depression (her grandfather founded the posh I. Magnins), and her family's house-guests ranged from Jack Warner and Louis B. Mayer to Thomas Mann.

  10. Worldwatchers Archive

    I have uploaded almost all of Mae Brussell’s radio shows that I have in my possession to the web (currently 710 shows). I still need to upload call-in shows, radio interviews with Mae on other stations, a few lectures, recordings from her conspiracy course taught with Ray Fabrizio in 1974 and more.

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