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  1. The Compleat Mae Brussell : Mae Brussell - Internet Archive

    This is a collection of Mae Brussell's recordings from 1971 to 1988. The archive begins in June 1971, a month after Mae began her radio career as a frequent guest on KLRB's Dialogue, which expanded into KLRB's regular segment Dialogue: Assassination and from there into Dialogue: Conspiracy and World Watchers International.

  2. Mae Brussell

    The research of the late political researcher and historian Mae Brussell. For 17 years Mae shared with her radio audience her daily research on political assassinations and world-wide government corruption.

  3. Brussell Mae - Internet Archive

    Weisberg, an Office of Strategic Services officer during World War II, U.S. Senate staff member and investigative reporter, devoted 40 years of his life to...

  4. MAE BRUSSELL ARCHIVES - YouTube Without a doubt Mae Brussell ( May 29, 1922 - October 3, 1988) stands out as one of the premier researc...

  5. Mae Brussell - Wikipedia

    Mae Magnin was born on May 29, 1922 in Beverly Hills, California. Her father, Edgar Magnin, was a Reform rabbi at the Wilshire Boulevard Temple. Her paternal great-grandparents, Isaac Magnin and Mary Ann Magnin, were the founders of I. Magnin, an upscale women's clothing store in San Francisco, California.

  6. Suspicious Deaths: Mae Brussell

    On December 16, 1970, Mae's daughter Bonnie Brussell was killed in an automobile accident which Mae believed was a warning to her. Other more egregious threats were launched towards her when she exposed linked elements of the U.S. military to satanic cults and practices.

  7. Worldwatchers Archive

    There are definite dry spells in my collection, specifically in parts of the mid-70’s, so if you are aware of any potential sources of Mae’s recorded radio shows, please let me know. My goal here is to create a free, easily accessible archive of Mae’s radio shows, articles, etc. without injecting personal views into the site as much as ...

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    View Images in this Collection Browse through 6411594 images Citing this Collection "Belgique, Brabant, registres d’état civil, 1582-1914." Database with images.

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