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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Mae Magnin Brussell (May 29, 1922 – October 3, 1988) was an American radio personality and conspiracy theorist. She was the host of Dialogue: Conspiracy (later renamed World Watchers International).

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    A collage with several views of Brussels, Top: View of the Northern Quarter business district, 2nd left: Floral carpet event in the Grand Place, 2nd right: Town Hall and Mont des Arts area, 3rd: Cinquantenaire Park, 4th left: Manneken Pis, 4th middle: St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral, 4th right: Congress Column, Bottom: Royal Palace of Brussels

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    • 18 June 1989
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    Biography Complacent Beverly Hills housewife Mae Brussell had quite an awakening in 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated, and again when she read and cross-indexed the massive 26-volume Warren Commission Hearings. She saw that the international terrorist network that had made up the Axis powers during

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    Mae was the daughter of a Wilshire Temple Rabbi and granddaughter of I. Magnin of the I. Magnin clothing stores, Mae grew up in comfort. She married and had five children.

    Mae Brussell was suspicious about the JFK Assassination and she bought the 26 volume set of Warren Commission documents. She came to plot the patterns, interconnections and vast other gross criminalities which were the shadow thrown by the cabalwho had committed the assassination.

    Mae Brussell began regular radio broadcasts of a show that featured her research. She became so effective by naming names and putting together the pieces of the horror puzzle, that she received death threats one of which was from Sandra Good from the Manson family.

    Whilst in the midst of a far-reaching investigation into the Presidio child molestation case Mae was hit with a fast-onset cancer and died on October 3, 1988; she was 66 years old. Mae Brussell once remarked "There is nothing worse than looking back and regretting not having done what was important to you. Don't die before you're dead."

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    The research of the late political researcher and historian Mae Brussell. For 17 years Mae shared with her radio audience her daily research on political assassinations and world-wide government corruption.

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    "Dialogue: Conspiracy is a program which shares the political research of Mae Brussell. Her almost ten years of work are based on the theory that government is moved as much or more by conspiracy than by any democratic process." — KLRB, June 1972 This is a collection of Mae Brussell's recordings from 1971 to 1988.

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    Mae is an American rock band that formed in Norfolk, Virginia in 2001. The band's name is an acronym for "Multi-sensory Aesthetic Experience", based on a course taken by drummer Jacob Marshall while a student at Old Dominion University.

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    Mae Brussell May 29, 1922 - October 3, 1988) Without a doubt Mae Brussell stands as one of the premier researcher and investigative journalists. She can be accurately described as one of the forerunners of what is now accepted commonly as citizen journalism in the current blogging world.

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