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      • Maffeo Polo (c. 1230 - unknown) was a Venetian merchant and explorer, the brother of Niccolò Polo, and the uncle of Marco Polo. Through their travels, Maffeo and his brother became influential members of the Assassin Order, who founded several Assassin branches, such as in the Byzantine Empire and Italy. Biography
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    In Marco Polo: Polo’s journey to Asia Niccolò and Maffeo remained in Venice anticipating the election of a new pope, but in 1271, after two years of waiting, they departed with Marco for the Mongol court. In Acre (now ʿAkko, Israel) the papal legate, Teobaldo of Piacenza, gave them letters for the Mongol emperor.…

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    Maffeo Polo (1230-1309) was a Venetian merchant and explorer who was the brother of Niccolo Polo and uncle of Marco Polo. Biography Brothers born in Venice around 1230 CE or so, Niccolo and Maffeo Polo seemed bred from birth to be explorers.

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    Leaving Niccolò's infant son Marco behind, Niccolò and Maffeo left Venice for Constantinople, where they resided for several years. The two brothers lived in the Venetian quarter of Constantinople, where they enjoyed political chances and tax relief because of their country's role in establishing the Latin Empire in the Fourth Crusade of 1204. However, the family judged the political situation of the city precarious, so they decided to transfer their business northeast to Soldaia, a city in Crimea, and left Constantinople in 1259 or 1260. Their decision proved wise. Constantinople was recaptured in 1261 by Michael Palaeologus, the ruler of the Empire of Nicaea, who promptly burned the Venetian quarter. Captured Venetian citizens were blinded, while many of those who managed to escape perished aboard overloaded refugee ships fleeing to other Venetian colonies in the Aegean Sea. As their new home on the north rim of the Black Sea, Soldaia had been frequented by Venetian traders since...

    As soon as he was elected in 1271, Pope Gregory X (the former Theobald Visconti) received the letter from Kublai Khan, remitted by Niccòlo and Matteo. Kublai Khan was asking for the dispatch of a hundred missionaries, and some oil from the lamp of Jerusalem. The two Polos (this time accompanied by the 17 year-old Marco Polo) returned to Mongolia, accompanied by two Dominican monks, Niccolò de Vicence and Guillaume de Tripoli. The two friars did not finish the voyage due to fear, but the Polos reached Kanbaliq and remitted the presents from the Pope to Kublai in 1274. It is usually said that the Polos used the Northern Silk Road although the possibility of a southern route has been advanced. The Polos spent the next 17 years in China. Kublai Khan took a liking to Marco, who was an engaging storyteller. He was sent on many diplomatic missions throughout his empire. Marco carried out diplomatic assignments but also entertained the khan with interesting stories and observations about th...

    Niccolò and Maffeo Polo are featured in the Assassin's Creed series, having become key figures in the history of the Assassin Order. In 1257, the Polo brothers traveled to the headquarters of the Assassins in Masyaf and met with the Order's Mentor, Altaïr ibn La-Ahad, from whom they received personal training. When the Mongols attacked Masyaf in August 1257, Niccolò Polo was given Altaïr's personal Codex and the Masyaf Keys needed to unlock his personal library, which would come to contain a powerful secret—the Apple of Eden. Niccolò and Maffeo returned to their home in Constantinople and founded an Assassins' Guild there on Altaïr's request, though they lost the Codex to the Mongols along the way. A year later, they traveled to the Mongol Empire in hopes of retrieving the Codex, with no success. They sailed to Italy and founded another Assassins' Guild in their hometown of Venice, and trained Marco Polo into the Assassin Order as well. Together with Marco, they went on another jour...

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    One among the first Europeans to set foot on China, Marco Polo was the 13th century explorer, who as a teenager travelled along with his father and uncle to meet Emperor Kublai Khan in China. He spent several years in China, where he worked in the court of Kublai Khan, who was so impressed with Polo that he made him the ruler of one of his cities.

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    • Polo was only 15 years old when he left Venice on the great adventure that took him to the court of Kublai Khan. His father Niccolò and his uncle Maffeo Polo had made the journey previously.
    • Marco Polo did not bring pasta back to Venice from China. It is one of the most famous legends out there about the adventurer, but truth be told, pasta had made its way into the cuisine of Italy prior to Polo's birth.
    • 'The Travels of Marco Polo' was not written by Polo. Instead, the book was written by the 13th-century romantic author Rustichello of Pisa. The two met while in prison, where Polo dictated the stories of his travels and his adventures at the court of Kublai Khan.
    • He was influential in Christopher Columbus' decision to strike out for unknown territory. Columbus is said to have been inspired by Polo's adventures and took a copy of The Travels of Marco Polo on his Westward sail two centuries after Polo's journey to China.
  7. Polo was born in 1254, in Venice, Italy. Although he was born to a wealthy Venetian merchant family, much of Polo’s childhood was spent parentless, and he was raised by an extended family. Polo's...

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    Sep 20, 2016 · Marco Polo was a merchant in Venice before he became the famous explorer we know today. At 17, he left Venice with his father and uncle. They traveled the Silk Road to China where he met the great ruler Kublai Khan. Marco traveled much of China and the east, and his stories were written into a popular book.

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    Marco Polo Biography. The traveler and writer Marco Polo left Venice for Cathay (now China) in 1271, spent seventeen years in Kublai Khan's (1215–1294) empire, and returned to Venice in 1295. His account of his experiences is one of the most important travel documents ever written.

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