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  1. Nov 15, 2022 · The main branches of Philosophy are: Axiology: Study of the nature of value and valuation Metaphysics: Study of the fundamental nature of reality Epistemology: Study of the nature, origin, and limits of human knowledge Ethics Philosophy: Study of what is right and wrong in human behaviour ...

  2. Philosophy of science – the branch of philosophy dealing with the epistemology, methodology and foundations of science Philosophy of anthropology Philosophy of archaeology Philosophy of biology Philosophy of chemistry Philosophy of computer science Philosophy of artificial intelligence Philosophy of geography Philosophy of medicine

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    The main branches of ethics are normative ethics, meta-ethics and applied ethics. ... Epistemology is the branch of philosophy that studies knowledge.

  4. For discussion of major Western schools, movements, and systems, see atomism; analytic philosophy; Continental philosophy; deconstruction Eleaticism; empiricism; existentialism; idealism; materialism; phenomenology; positivism; postmodernism; pragmatism; rationalism; realism; Scholasticism; skepticism; Stoicism; utilitarianism.

  5. Jan 10, 2022 · What Are the Branches of Philosophy? Epistemology. Epistemology addresses philosophical questions about knowledge; it is the study of and seeks to answer how... Metaphysics. Metaphysics addresses philosophical questions about being and reality; it examines who we are and our place... Logic. Logic ...

  6. Jul 19, 2022 · Philosophers today usually divide ethical theories into three general subject areas: metaethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics. Metaethics investigates where our ethical principles come from, and what they mean. Are they merely social inventions? Do they involve more than expressions of our individual emotions?

  7. Jul 15, 2022 · The 5 major branches of Philosophy are the following: Metaphysics Ethics Logic Epistemology Axiology

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