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  1. Maria - Wikipedia

    People. Maria (given name), a popular given name in many languages Placenames Extraterrestrial. 170 Maria, a Main belt S-type asteroid discovered in 1877; Lunar maria (plural of mare), large, dark basaltic plains on Earth's Moon

  2. Marilyn - Wikipedia

    Marilyn (given name) Marilyn (singer) (born 1962), British pop singer; Marilyn (hill), a type of mountain or hill in the British Isles with a prominence above 150 m; 1486 Marilyn, a Main-belt asteroid; Marilyn, a 1980 opera by Lorenzo Ferrero; Marilyn, directed by Wolf Rilla; Marilyn, a documentary film about Marilyn Monroe's biography

  3. Sarkar - Wikipedia

    Sarkar, an Indian Tamil-language film Sarkar (country subdivision) , a historical administrative unit, mostly in the Mughal states of India 25630 Sarkar , a main-belt asteroid

  4. Mantis (disambiguation) - Wikipedia

    MANTIS, "Main-belt Asteroid and NEO Tour with Imaging and Spectroscopy", a proposed NASA spacecraft that would flyby multiple asteroids. Arts and entertainment. Mantis, a 2009 studio album by progressive rock/jam band Umphrey's McGee; Comics. Mantis (DC Comics), a supervillain in Jack Kirby's Fourth World

  5. Guest - Wikipedia

    The Guest (2014 Chilean film), Chilean drama film directed by Mauricio López Fernández; The Guest , Chinese thriller film; The Guest, Nigerian film; The Guest, Burmese film; The Guest: Aleppo to Istanbul, 2017 Turkish-Jordanian film starring Saba Mubarak; Astronomy. 4325 Guest, main-belt asteroid

  6. Evelyn - Wikipedia

    Evelyn: The Cutest Evil Dead Girl, 2002 short film and black comedy directed by Brad Peyton Evelyn (play) , a 1969 radio play by Rhys Adrian Evelyn (EP) , an EP by The Mess Hall.

  7. Maxwell - Wikipedia

    Maxwell Caulfield (born 1959), British-American film, stage, and television actor Maxwell Henry Gluck (1899–1984), American businessman, diplomat, horse breeder and philanthropist Maxwell Kogon (1920–1980), Canadian bomber pilot who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross during World War II

  8. Juno could mean: . Juno (mythology), a major Roman goddess June, the month named after Juno; 3 Juno, one of the largest main belt asteroids; Music. Juno (band), an American indie rock band

  9. Helena - Wikipedia

    The Helena Morpho (Morpho helena), is a butterflee o the Nymphalidae faimily; Battle o Helena "Helena", theoretical foondin ancestor o Haplogroup H "Helena", name uised in auncient Greece for the phenomenon nou referred tae as St. Elmo's fire; 101 Helena, main belt asteroid; Helmholtz Graduate Schuil Environmental Health (HELENA)

  10. mrs pratchett roald dahl

    The main-belt asteroid 6223 Dahl, discovered by Czech astronomer Antonín Mrkos, was named in his memory in 1996. No matter the topic you're researching, chances are we have it covered. [60], Upon the war's conclusion, Dahl held the rank of a temporary wing commander (substantive flight lieutenant).