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  2. Dec 16, 2022 · The best cities in Austria Vienna. Vienna always ranks among the top cities in the world for quality of living. In fact, in 2019, Vienna was named... Salzburg. Of all the cities in Austria, Salzburg is the only one to hold the distinction of being a UNESCO World... Graz. The second-largest of the ...

  3. list of cities and towns in Austria Burgenland. Kärnten. Niederösterreich. Oberösterreich. Salzburg. Steiermark. Tirol. Vorarlberg. This article was most recently revised and updated by Richard Pallardy.

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  4. The largest cities in Austria are shown at the top of the page. We currently have data on 273 cities in Austria. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns. Baden bei Wien, Austria; Baden, Austria; Klosterneuburg, Austria; Leoben, Austria; Krems, Austria; Traun, Austria; Amstetten, Austria; Leonding, Austria; Kapfenberg, Austria; Modling, Austria; Lustenau, Austria

  5. Feb 25, 2021 · Austria is a landlocked mountainous country located in South-Central Europe. It is geographically positioned both in the Northern and Eastern hemispheres of the Earth. Austria is bordered by 8 countries: by Czech Republic in the north; by Slovakia in the northeast; by Hungary in the east; by Slovenia in the south, by Italy in the southwest; by Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the west and by Germany in the northwest.

    • Vienna (Wien) Vienna is Austria's largest city and also its capital, located in the center of the country and positioned on the banks of the Danube. This position on the major shipping course between Eastern and Western Europe is just one of the reasons that it quickly became the center of the Hapsburg empire and continued to grow and thrive.
    • Salzburg. The city of Salzburg straddles the River Salzach in northwestern Austria and is equally well-known for its beautiful historic architecture as it is for its proud musical heritage as the birthplace of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
    • Graz. Graz is Austria's second-largest city, becoming a major trade center after it was taken over by the Hapsburgs in the 12 century. Today, it holds the title of European Capital of Culture, commemorated by Murinsel, a steel sculpture that sits on the River Mur and serves as a recreational area and amphitheater.
    • Innsbruck. Innsbruck is well-known as a top Austrian ski town, home to a unique cable car system that brings skiers right from the center of town to the slopes of Nordkette, one of the area's most challenging ski areas.
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