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  2. Major Event Definition: 120 Samples | Law Insider › dictionary › major-event

    Major Event means a catastrophic event that exceeds the design limits of the electric power system, such as an extreme storm, tornado or earthquake. These events shall include situations where there is a loss of service to 10% or more of the customers in a region , and where full restoration of all affected customers requires more than 24 hours from the beginning of the event .

  3. How we define the types of events | Major Events › about › definition-of-a
    • Major events create social connection, reflect and celebrate New Zealand culture and build national pride;
    • Is, or has the potential to be internationally significant;
    • Generate interest, profile or visitation from outside New Zealand;
    • Offers an element or elements that are uniquely New Zealand;
  4. Major event definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary › english › major-event

    Jun 30, 2021 · Major event definition: An event is something that happens , especially when it is unusual or important. You can... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  5. Major Event of Default Definition: 73 Samples | Law Insider › dictionary › major-event-of-default

    Major Event of Default means an Event of Default set forth in any of (I) Section 4(a)(ii), (II) Section 4(a)(iii), (III) Section 4(a)(iv) if such Event of Default is triggered because of the Company's failure to timely pay any Principal amount or Interest due pursuant to the terms of this Note, (IV) Section 4(a)(ix) if such Event of Default is triggered because of the Company's failure to comply with Section 14(k) or (V) Section 4(a)(xv).

  6. a major disaster. 11 main, chief, or principal. 12 of, involving, or making up a majority. 13 (Music) a (of a scale or mode) having notes separated by the interval of a whole tone, except for the third and fourth degrees, and seventh and eighth degrees, which are separated by a semitone.

  7. Major, Minor, Monthly Event Definitions and ... - City of Tulsa › developmentbusiness › special

    Major Event shall mean any Special Event organized and conducted that utilizes Public Rights-of-Way (streets, alleys, sidewalks). This could include using private property in conjunction with public property. The Major Event permit fee assessed shall be One Hundred Ten Dollars ($110 plus system fees). This fee is nonrefundable.

  8. 1-92-53 - Definition of major life event | State Regulations ... › regulations › connecticut

    Sec. 1-92-53. Definition of major life event. The term "major life event", for purposes of Subsection (e) of Section 1-79 and Subsection (g) of Section 1-91 of the Connecticut General Statutes, shall include: a ceremony commemorating an individual's induction into religious adulthood such as a confirmation or bar mitzvah; a wedding; a funeral; the birth or adoption of a child; and retirement ...

  9. Major coronary event | definition of major coronary event by ... › major

    major coronary event The occurrence of sudden cardiac death or a confirmed fatal or nonfatal myocardial infarction, diagnosed by EKG and/or cardiac enzyme changes. Segen's Medical Dictionary. © 2012 Farlex, Inc.

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