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  1. The Languages of the Philippines. While Filipino and Tagalog are the two major languages that you hear of and cause the most confusion, there are other important languages of the Philippines including Cebuano, Waray, Hiligaynon, Kapampangan, and more. In total, there are about 140 different languages derived from mostly Malayo-Polynesian roots ...

  2. New Indonesian-made landing platform docks, current the Philippine Navy's foremost amphibious warfare platform and its first major brand new ship acquisition since the 1990s. It was acquired under the "Strategic Sealift Vessel" project and was based on the Indonesian Makassar -class landing platform dock .

  3. Philippine literature had evolved much before colonization. It is full of legends and tales of colonial legacy. Mexican and Spanish dominance over the land and the people, over varying periods of time, witnessed the incorporation of English, Spanish, Filipino and native languages, to express ideology and opinion.

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