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  1. Create your own Super Hero with our Marvel "Create Your Own" experiences! If you love Spider-Man be sure to Create Your Own Web Warrior. If you're a fan of Iron Man be sure to Create Your Own Iron Man Suit. And if you're a Guardians fan be sure to Create Your Own Guardian of the Galaxy. Fun for kids and families on Marvel HQ.

  2. Visit the official site for all things Marvel for kids and families. Play free online games, watch videos, explore characters and more on Marvel HQ.

  3. Interdimensional Butt-Kicker. America possesses superhuman strength, durability, and speed, as well as the power of flight. She can make physical contact with non-corporeal points of existence, allowing her to apparently touch a gravitational singularity’s center and to create interdimensional portals by punching the air or stomping her foot, literally breaking the barriers that separate ...

  4. Explore the Marvel cinematic and comic universe including all characters, heroes, villains, teams, groups, weapons, items, and more!

  5. May 04, 2022 · confirms the super-powered Layla is the Scarlet Scarab, who in the Marvel comic books was a costumed supervillain and an enemy of the Invaders — a WWII super-group that included ...

  6. Jun 02, 2022 · Martha’s early depictions in Superman multimedia adaptations limited her role similar to her initial comic book appearances, with the character dying before Clark relocated to Metropolis in the '50s show The Adventures of Superman – the series also depicted Martha and Jonathan under the names Eben and Sarah Kent, with Sarah played by ...

  7. May 23, 2022 · Milestone and its newly launched world of Earth-M has just gotten bigger, with the debut of the new comic book miniseries Duo by Greg Pak, Khoi Pham, and Scott Hanna. Set in Milestone's rebooted continuity on Earth-M, the new series brings a brand-new superhero and title as part of Milestone’s rapid expansion of its DC-adjacent universe.

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