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  1. Malayo-Polynesian languages - Wikipedia

    The Malayo-Polynesian languages are spoken by the Austronesian peoples outside of Taiwan, of the island nations of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean, with a smaller number in continental Asia in the areas near the Malay peninsula. Cambodia, Vietnam and the Chinese island Hainan serve as the northwest geographic outlier.

  2. Central–Eastern Malayo-Polynesian languages - Wikipedia

    The Central Malayo-Polynesian (CMP) languages are located almost exclusively within Wallacea. Other language groups in Wallacea include the North Halmahera, Celebic, and South Sulawesi languages. In the original proposal, CEMP is divided into Central Malayo-Polynesian (CMP) and Eastern Malayo-Polynesian (EMP).

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    Area controlled by the People's Republic of China shown in dark green; claimed but uncontrolled regions shown in light green.

  5. Polynesian languages - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Polynesian languages form a language family spoken in geographical Polynesia and on a patchwork of outliers from south central Micronesia to small islands off the northeast of the larger islands of the southeast Solomon Islands and sprinkled through Vanuatu.

  6. Proto-Malayo-Polynesian language - Wikipedia

    Proto-Malayo-Polynesian is ancestral to all Austronesian languages spoken outside Taiwan, as well as the Yami language on Taiwan's Orchid Island.

    Reconstruction levels
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    Scientific name
    a cereal grass with edible seeds that are also used as beads, Job's tears
    a climbing plant
    a fern
  7. Malay language - Wikipedia

    Malay is a member of the Austronesian family of languages, which includes languages from Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean, with a smaller number in continental Asia. Malagasy , a geographic outlier spoken in Madagascar in the Indian Ocean , is also a member of this language family.

  8. Formosan languages - Wikipedia

    Families of Formosan languages before Chinese colonization, per Blust (1999).Malayo-Polynesian (red) may lie within Eastern Formosan (purple). Note that the white section in the northwest of the country does not indicate a complete absence of aboriginal people from that part of Taiwan.

  9. Austronesian languages - Wikipedia

    The first was Malayo-Polynesian, distributed across the Philippines, Indonesia, and Melanesia. The second migration was that of the Oceanic languages into Polynesia and Micronesia. Primary branches on Taiwan (Formosan languages) In addition to Malayo-Polynesian, thirteen Formosan subgroups are broadly accepted.

  10. Austronesian peoples - Wikipedia

    Codrington coined and used the term "Ocean" language family rather than "Malayo-Polynesian" in 1891, in opposition to the exclusion of Melanesian and Micronesian languages. This was adopted by Ray who defined the "Oceanic" language family as encompassing the languages of Southeast Asia and Madagascar, Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia.

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