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    According to the Eurobarometer poll conducted in 2012, 98% of Maltese people can speak Maltese, 88% can speak English, 66% can speak Italian, and more than 17% speak French. This shows a recent increase in fluency in languages, since in 1995, while 98% of the population spoke Maltese, only 76% spoke English, 36% Italian, and 10% French. It shows an increase in Italian fluency, compared to when Italian was an official language of Malta, due to Italian television broadcasts reaching Malta. Accordi

    Greek was made an official language of Malta in 553 A.D. as part of Sicily by Emperor Justinian. Though Siculo-Arabic became officially used, Greek remained in use by the upper class until Norman rule which ended in 1194. Greek started to be replaced by Latin around 1130.

    Maltese is the national language of the Maltese people, and one of the official languages of Malta and the European Union. It is a Semitic language derived from Siculo-Arabic; however a majority of vocabulary comes from Sicilian and Italian, as described by Maltese linguist May Butcher. 52% of Maltese words are of a Latin origin, a result of significant influence from Italy and, to a lesser extent, France. Malta holds the distinction of being the only country in Europe with a historically Semiti

    Before independence in 1964, Malta was a British possession, and as a result English is an official language, with government business being carried out in both English and Maltese. It is of high importance to note that the English used in Malta as an official language is British English and not American English, the latter is commonly used by individuals who lack a proper education in English Language in Malta and learn English through American TV networks. This obviously results in misconduct

    For many centuries and until 1934, Italian was the official language of Malta. Indeed, it was considered the language of culture in Malta since the Italian Renaissance. In the 19th century, Italian irredentists and Italian Maltese wanted to promote its use throughout Malta for plans to re-unify it to Italy as Malta was part of the Kingdom of Sicily up to 13th century. In the first decades of the 20th century, there was even a struggle within Maltese society and politics over the "language proble

    In addition to Italian, many Maltese generally have some degree of proficiency in French, and quite a few understand or speak Spanish or German. Several other languages are studied too, and Arabic and Russian are offered in schools.

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    The Maltese language (Maltese: Malti) is one of the two constitutional languages of Malta, having become official, however, only in 1934, and being considered as the national language. Previously, Sicilian was the official and cultural language of Malta from the 12th century, and the Tuscan dialect of Italian from the 16th century. Alongside Maltese, English is also an official language of the country and hence the laws of the land are enacted both in Maltese and English.

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    The Semitic languages are a branch of the Afroasiatic language family originating in the Middle East. They are spoken by more than 330 million people across much of West Asia, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Malta, in small pockets in the Caucasus as well as in often large immigrant and expatriate communities in North America, Europe and Australasia.

  5. Talk:Maltese language - Wikipedia › wiki › Talk:Maltese_language

    Maghrebi Arabic is a variety or the Arabic language - which Maltese is not. Maltese is an Arabic language, not an Arabic one (which would have rendered it a dialect if it was). No reliable linguists classify it under Maghrebi. I was the one who added it to the article in the first place: - incorrectly. mɪn'dʒi:klə 19:00, 14 January 2009 (UTC)

  6. Talk:Maltese language/Archive 2 - Wikipedia › wiki › Talk:Maltese_language

    The Maltese language is different from the variety of Arabic that came to the island; Sourcing for 1, 3, and 5 is present. 2 is obvious and certainly doesn't need a source. 4 is unsourced. You cannot assume that because of 2, 3, and 5 that 4 must be true (is also likely to be incorrect and would constitute OR by synthesis). 5 could be because of natural language evolution or skewed learning of Arabic by the native population, neither of which would justify calling Maltese a language of mixed ...

  7. Maltese bread - Wikipedia › wiki › Ħobża_tal-Malti

    (Maltese: jeħtieġu bħall-ħobż li jiekol), he needs it like his daily bread, used when a person is in great need of something. ( Maltese : ħaga li fiha biċċa ħobż ġmielha ), something which provides a lot of bread , used to describe a profitable endeavour.

  8. Maltese language : definition of Maltese language and ... › Maltese language › en-en

    Maltese language Maltese (Malti) is the national language of Malta, and a co-official language of the country alongside English, while also serving as an official language of the European Union, the only Semitic language so distinguished.

  9. Fenech - Wikipedia › wiki › Fenech

    There are various interpretations of the origins of the surname Fenech. The most notable is the meaning of "rabbit", since fenek is rabbit in Maltese. This in turn comes from the Arabic word for fox, فَنَك which like the rabbit has large ears as its distinguishing feature and may have been confused during the development of the Maltese language, which is a descendant of the Siculo-Arabic dialect. The word is also thought to be a respelling of Fenich, the German for millet farmer. A ...

  10. Are Maltese people Whites or Middle-Easterners? - Quora › Are-Maltese-people-Whites-or

    The island of Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean and is considered to be part of Europe so therefore Maltese people are Europeans. The people speak the Maltese language which is descended from Sicilian Arabic:

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