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    Mambo is a genre of Cuban dance music pioneered by the charanga Arcaño y sus Maravillas in the late 1930s and later popularized in the big band style by Pérez Prado. It originated as a syncopated form of the danzón, known as danzón-mambo, with a final, improvised section, which incorporated the guajeos typical of son cubano. These guajeos became the essence of the genre when it was played by big bands, which did not perform the traditional sections of the danzón and instead leaned ...

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    "Mambo" (1938 song) by Orestes Lopez "Mambo" from West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein "Mambo!" (Helena Paparizou song), a 2005 single by Elena Paparizou; Film and television. Mambo, a 1954 Italian American film; Mambo Duckman, a character from the television series Duckman; Moshe Mambo, a character from the movie Money Monster; Other uses

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    Mambo is a Latin dance of Cuba which was developed in the 1940s when the music genre of the same name became popular throughout Latin America. The original ballroom dance which emerged in Cuba and Mexico was related to the danzón, albeit faster and less rigid. In the United States, it replaced rhumba as the most fashionable Latin dance. Later on, with the advent of salsa and its more sophisticated dance, a new type of mambo dance including breaking steps was popularized in New York. This ...

  5. Mambo is a word with Afro-Latin connections. Most common meanings are: Mambo (rhythm): a Cuban or AfroCuban musical rhythm and its associated dance. Invented around 1950 in Havana. Mambo section: a musical bridge or section in some kinds of Cuban (and Caribbean) music. Mambo (Voodoo): A Haitian word for a Voodoo priestess.

  6. From Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia Mambo is a genre of Cuban dance music pioneered by the charanga Arcaño y sus Maravillas in the late 1930s and later popularized in the big band style by Pérez Prado.

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    Salsa music is a popular dance music genre that initially arose in New York City during the 1960s. Salsa is the product of various Cuban musical genres including the Afro-Cuban son montuno, guaracha, cha cha chá, mambo, and Puerto Rican plena and bomba.

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  9. Pérez Prado - Wikipedia

    Dámaso Pérez Prado was a Cuban bandleader, pianist and composer who popularized the mambo in the 1950s. He frequently made brief appearances in films, primarily of the rumberas genre. The success of his orchestra and hits such as "Mambo No. 5" earned him the nickname "King of the Mambo". His stage name was simply Pérez Prado, although his brother Pantaleón also used the same name in the 1970s, which led to confusion. Pérez Prado became a naturalized citizen of Mexico in 1980, where he ...

  10. The Mambo Kings - Wikipedia

    The Mambo Kings. The Mambo Kings is a 1992 French–American musical drama film based on the 1989 Pulitzer Prize -winning novel The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love by Oscar Hijuelos. Directed and produced by Arne Glimcher, the film stars Armand Assante, Antonio Banderas, Cathy Moriarty and Maruschka Detmers.

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