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    Mambo is a genre of Cuban dance music pioneered by the charanga Arcaño y sus Maravillas in the late 1930s and later popularized in the big band style by Pérez Prado.It originated as a syncopated form of the danzón, known as danzón-mambo, with a final, improvised section, which incorporated the guajeos typical of son cubano (also known as montunos).

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    Music. Mambo section, a section in arrangements of some types of Afro-Caribbean music, particularly danzón; the musical form of the same name developed from this section; Albums. Mambo!, a 1954 album by Yma Sumac; Mambo, a 1991 album by Spanish music duo Azúcar Moreno; Mambo, album by Jeff Maluleke; Mambo, album by Remmy Ongala

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    Mambo is a Latin dance of Cuba which was developed in the 1940s when the music genre of the same name became popular throughout Latin America. The original ballroom dance which emerged in Cuba and Mexico was related to the danzón, albeit faster and less rigid.

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    "Mambo Italiano" is a popular song written by Bob Merrill in 1954 for the American singer Rosemary Clooney.The song became a hit for Clooney, reaching the Top Ten in record charts in the US and France and No. 1 in the UK Singles Chart early in 1955.

    • "We'll Be Together Again"
    • Columbia
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    Mambo (King) mutongi wenyika anogadzwa achibva kumhuri yekutonga asiri wekuvhoterwa. Mamwe Mazwi. Madzishe; Jinda kana machinda (n. advisors, nobles, princes?). Mitauro yeBantu. VaMakua vanoti mwene kana mamwene pakuwanda (King) kureva mambo. VaKikuyu vanoti onene (majesty) vachireva munhu hukuru.

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    "Composition" is the act or practice of creating a song, an instrumental music piece, a work with both singing and instruments, or another type of music. In many cultures, including Western classical music, the act of composing also includes the creation of music notation, such as a sheet music "score", which is then performed by the composer or by other singers or musicians.

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    Mogambo is a 1953 Technicolor adventure/romantic drama film directed by John Ford and starring Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, and Grace Kelly, and featuring Donald Sinden.Shot on location in Equatorial Africa, with a musical soundtrack entirely of actual African tribal music recorded in the Congo, the film was adapted by John Lee Mahin from the play Red Dust by Wilson Collison.

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    Brill, Mark. Music of Latin America and the Caribbean, 2nd Edition, 2018. Taylor & Francis ISBN 1138053562; Torres, George (2013). Encyclopedia of Latin American Popular Music. ABC-CLIO. ISBN 978-0-313-08794-3. Nettl, Bruno (1965). Folk and Traditional Music of the Western Continents. Prentice-Hall, Inc. ISBN 0-13-323247-6. Sévigny, Jean-Pierre.

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