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    Mandarin Chinese may sound strange, but is actually relatively easy for English-speakers to pick up—much easier than it is for Mandarin-spea kers to learn English. A large part of the reason is that Chinese has a very limited syllabary, meaning there are not many sounds in the language, and hardly any new ones if you already know English. On the

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  2. Ministry of Education Mandarin Chinese Dictionary - Wikipedia › wiki › Ministry_of_Education

    The Ministry of Education Mandarin Chinese Dictionary ( 教育部國語辭典) refers to official dictionaries of Mandarin Chinese, specifically Taiwanese Mandarin, issued and edited by the Ministry of Education (Taiwan). Officially issued online versions of the dictionary include the Concised Mandarin Chinese Dictionary and the Revised ...

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  4. Mandarin Chinese - Wikipedia › wiki › Kuan-hua

    Standard Mandarin Chinese is based on the particular dialect spoken in Beijing, with some lexical and syntactic influence from other Mandarin dialects. It is the official spoken language of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and Taiwan (Republic of China, ROC), as well as one of the four official languages of Singapore .

    • 920 million (2017), L2 speakers: 200 million (no date)
    • most of Northern and Southwestern China (see also Standard Chinese)
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    Mandarin is written with Chinese characters called Hànzì (漢字 or 汉字) which literally means "Han characters". Each Hànzìhas its own pronunciation and meaning. An ordinary dictionary will contain about 10,000 characters. Spoken Mandarin uses very many compound words, words that combine meanings the way English does in such terms as "machine gun," "fire truck," "playground," etc. The Hanzi are ideograms: one character means one idea. The various concepts are derived from the ideograms by combining them. Mandarin can be also written phonetically (that is: written as it is spoken) with the Latin alphabet as you really cannot see the spelling from Hanzi characters. That is called transliteration. The most popular transliteration system is called Pinyin. Some Chinese characters were originally fairly concrete pictures of the things they represent. As time went on, people chose to write simpler versions that are easier to write but do not look so much like the real thing, just as people some...

    Mandarin is defined and designed based on Beijing accent. In China, there are over 600,000 dialects and more accents although they all use Chinese language and characters, but their pronunciation and some expressions are totally different. China must find a standard pronunciation to allow all people to understand each other and communicate. Beijing has been the capital city of China for more than 1,000 years, so China defined Beijing Accent as standard Mandarin. Beijing also has some local dialects that are not included by Mandarin or standard Chinese language yet. But with Beijing being the capital city as well as the political, economic, cultural and education center of China, more and more new Beijing dialects have been or will be accepted as Mandarin or standard Chinese language. The other dialects, such as Shanghainese, Cantonese, Hakka etc., have few opportunities to be included into Mandarin or standard Chinese language or be accepted by the whole of China. The following samp...

    你好 nǐ hǎo -hello
    你好吗?nǐ hǎo ma?-How are you?
    我 wǒ-me, I
    你 nǐ -you
    Pinyin Annotator Archived 2007-08-11 at the Wayback MachineAutomatically adds phonetic symbols (pinyin) on top of Chinese characters.
    Free Chinese Character Input Software Archived 2008-05-07 at the Wayback MachineGoogle Pinyin Input Software
  6. Standard Chinese - Wikipedia › wiki › Standard_Chinese

    Standard Chinese, in linguistics known as Standard Northern Mandarin, Standard Beijing Mandarin or simply Mandarin, is a dialect of Mandarin that emerged as the lingua franca among the speakers of various Mandarin and other varieties of Chinese ( Hokkien, Cantonese and beyond). Standard Mandarin is designated as one of the major languages in ...

  7. THE ULTIMATE GUIDEBOOK TO LEARNING MANDARIN CHINESE 3 7 11 15 20 24 28 31 35 39 1. Pronunciation and Tones – Getting your Mouth Around Chinese by Chris Parker 2. Remembering Chinese Words by Benny Lewis

  8. 111 Mandarin Chinese Resources – I Will Teach You A Language › learn › chinese

    #96 DK’s Mandarin Chinese English Bilingual Visual Dictionary (paperback, ≈$11) #97 Oxford Beginner’s Chinese Dictionary (paperback, ≈$12) For pop-up browser dictionaries, see “Browser Extensions” below. Go to the Top. Mandarin Encyclopedias. For Chinese terms and concepts not found in the dictionary, use one of these free online ...

  9. PDF download on all our videos. Downloading the small audio files allows you to put them on smartphone and study anywhere regardless of internet availability. PDFs download allows you to study the video vocabulary and sentences more thoroughly.

  10. 汉英词典 (Hàn yīng cídiǎn) — Hanping Chinese Dictionary Lite. Very similar to Pleco, Hanping works with smartphones and has all the functions we need from a Chinese dictionary. Apart from a Mandarin Chinese free version, there are Cantonese and paid versions, too. Hanping is a top-notch HSK helper. Being easily accessible, free and ...

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