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  1. Mandarin Chinese - Wikipedia › wiki › Mandarin_Chinese

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the entire group of Mandarin Chinese language varieties. For Standard Mandarin, the official variety, see Standard Chinese. For the administrative language of China during the Ming and Qing dynasties, see Mandarin (late imperial lingua franca).

  2. Mandarin Chinese - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ... › wiki › Mandarin_Chinese

    Mandarin Chinese or simply Mandarin is the language of government and education of the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, with the notable exceptions of Hong Kong and Macau where a local dialect of Chinese called Cantonese is more often used. Mandarin is one of five major regional languages of China. It spreads wider than any other regional variety, from the whole northern part of China to Yunnan Province in the southwest corner of China. In that big area there are many regional differences in vocabul

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    Is Mandarin Chinese the language of China's main ethnic group?

    What are three other dialects of Chinese besides Mandarin?

    How did Mandarin become China's official language?

    What is the closest Chinese language to Mandarin?

  4. Standard Chinese - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ... › wiki › Standard_Chinese

    From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Standard Chinese or Standard Mandarin, is the official modern Chinese spoken language used in mainland China and Taiwan and is one of the four official languages of Singapore. It is based off the Mandarin dialect and should not be confused with other varieties of Chinese.

    Chinese ( Traditional )
    Chinese ( Simplified )
    What's your name?
    Nǐ jiào shénme míngzi?
    My name is...
    Wǒ jiào...
    How are you?
    你好嗎?/ 你怎麼樣?
    你好吗?/ 你怎么样?
    Nǐ hǎo ma? / Nǐ zěnmeyàng?
    • Middle Mandarin
    • (Has begun acquiring native speakers cited 1988, 2014), L2 speakers: 7% of China (2014)
  5. Standard Chinese - Wikipedia › wiki › Standard_Chinese

    Standard Chinese, in linguistics known as Standard Northern Mandarin, Standard Beijing Mandarin or simply Mandarin, is a dialect of Mandarin that emerged as the lingua franca among the speakers of various Mandarin and other varieties of Chinese (Hokkien, Cantonese and beyond).

  6. Mandarin Chinese in the Philippines - Wikipedia › wiki › Filipino-Mandarin

    Standard Mandarin is either the standard languages of Mainland China and Taiwan, while Colloquial Mandarin in the Philippines tends to combine features from Mandarin (simplified Chinese: 华语; traditional Chinese: 華語) and features from Hokkien (閩南語) of the local Philippine Hokkien dialect, which is the heritage language of many ...

    • 菲律宾华语
    • 菲律賓華語
  7. Taiwanese Mandarin - Wikipedia › wiki › Taiwanese_Mandarin_Chinese

    Overall, while the government at both national and local levels has promoted the use of non-Mandarin Chinese languages, younger generations generally prefer using Mandarin. [15] [16] Taiwanese Mandarin (as with Singlish and many other situations of a diglossia ) is spoken at different levels according to the social class and situation of the ...

  8. Mandarin Chinese profanity - Wikipedia › wiki › Chinese_profanity

    Profanity in Mandarin Chinese most commonly involves sexual references and scorn of the object's ancestors, especially their mother. Other Mandarin insults accuse people of not being human. Compared to English, scatological and blasphemous references are less often used.

  9. Mandarin (bureaucrat) - Wikipedia › wiki › Mandarin_(bureaucrat)

    Vietnam, after becoming free of Chinese rule and setting up its own independent monarchy, emulated the Chinese system of mandarins in its civil service. The last mandarins in history were in service of the State of Vietnam (1949–1955).

  10. Mandarin Chinese - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ... › mandarin-chinese-simple-english

    Mandarin Chinese - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Simple Wikipedia ดาวน์โหลดรูปภาพ (1200 × 1079 พิกเซล)

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