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  1. Mandarin Chinese - Wikipedia › wiki › Mandarin_Chinese

    Standard Mandarin Chinese is based on the particular dialect spoken in Beijing, with some lexical and syntactic influence from other Mandarin dialects. It is the official spoken language of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and Taiwan (Republic of China, ROC), as well as one of the four official languages of Singapore .

  2. Chinese Indonesian surname - Wikipedia › wiki › Chinese_Indonesian_surname

    Hence, Lin (林, Mandarin) is spelled Liem in Indonesia. Chen (陳) is Tan, Huang (黃) is Oei or Oey, Wu (吳) is Go, Wei (魏) is Goei or Ngoei, Guo (郭) is Kwee, Yang (楊) is Njoo, and so on. Further, as Hokkien romanization standard did not exist then, some romanized names varied slightly.

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  4. Chinese Indonesians - Wikipedia › wiki › Chinese_Indonesians

    Chinese Indonesians ( Indonesian: Orang Indonesia keturunan Tionghoa) or (in Indonesian) Orang Tionghoa Indonesia & colloquially Chindos, are Indonesians whose ancestors arrived from China at some stage in the last eight centuries. Most Chinese Indonesians are descended from Southern Chinese immigrants.

  5. DAAI Mandarin - Wikipedia › wiki › DAAI_Mandarin

    DAAI Mandarin (大愛與您分享--- Da Ai Yu Nin Fen Xiang) is a Mandarin-language television news program that has been aired on Da Ai TV Indonesia since 3 August 2008. The program was created to offer news to Mandarin speaking Chinese people living in Indonesia. It is on the 59th UHF Channel.

    • DAAI TV
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  6. Standard Chinese - Wikipedia › wiki › Standard_Northern_Mandarin

    Standard Chinese, in linguistics known as Standard Northern Mandarin, Standard Beijing Mandarin or simply Mandarin, is a dialect of Mandarin that emerged as the lingua franca among the speakers of various Mandarin and other varieties of Chinese (Hokkien, Cantonese and beyond).

  7. Chinese Wikipedia - Wikipedia › wiki › Mandarin_Wikipedia

    The Chinese Wikipedia was established along with 12 other Wikipedias in May 2001. At the beginning, however, the Chinese Wikipedia did not support Chinese characters, and had no encyclopedic content. In October 2002, the first Chinese-language page was written, the Main Page. A software update on 27 October 2002 allowed Chinese language input.

  8. Mandarin Chinese - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ... › wiki › Mandarin_Chinese

    Mandarin Chinese or simply Mandarin is the language of government and education of the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, with the notable exceptions of Hong Kong and Macau where a local dialect of Chinese called Cantonese is more often used. Mandarin is one of five major regional languages of China. It spreads wider than any other regional variety, from the whole northern part of China to Yunnan Province in the southwest corner of China. In that big area there are many regional differences in vocabul

    Traditional Modern
    female human
  9. Legislation on Chinese Indonesians - Wikipedia › wiki › Legislation_on_Chinese

    In the 1950s, almost all retail stores in Indonesia were owned by Chinese or Chinese-Indonesians from grocery stores, hardware stores and even restaurants. Alwi Sahab, a Betawi culture expert stated that during his youth in Kwitang, Central Jakarta, the economic centre was in Jakarta fully dependent on the Chinese or Chinese Indonesian businessman.

  10. Mandarin (bureaucrat) - Wikipedia › wiki › Mandarin_(bureaucrat)

    Mandarin (bureaucrat) A mandarin ( Chinese: 官; pinyin: guān) was a bureaucrat scholar in the history of China, Korea and Vietnam . A 15th-century portrait of the Ming official Jiang Shunfu. The cranes on his mandarin square indicate that he was a civil official of the sixth rank.

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