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  2. manner. noun. Definition of manner. Synonyms for manner. He forgot his manners and reached across the table for the salt. I objected to the manner in which the decision was made. She has a very forceful manner of speaking. Someone should teach you some manners! Some people have no manners. He painted this picture in his early manner.

  3. Learn how to use "manner" in a sentence with 500 example sentences on YourDictionary.

  4. Examples of MANNER in a sentence, how to use it. 98 examples: Collectively, these results reveal personality to be comparable to demographics…

  5. Examples from Collins dictionaries. She smiled again in a friendly manner. I'm a professional and I have to conduct myself in a professional manner. The manner in which young children are spoken to varies depending on who is present. It's a satire somewhat in the manner of Dickens.

  6. Regarding using manner in a sentence, it is essential to understand its definition and various nuances. Manner refers to the way in which something is done or the way in which someone behaves. It can also denote a characteristic or custom that is considered proper or polite.

  7. Manner definition: a way of doing, being done, or happening; mode of action, occurrence, etc.. See examples of MANNER used in a sentence.

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