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  1. ] In 1960, after nearly 30 years of Salazar's rule, Portugal's per capita GDP was only 38% of the European Community (EC-12) average; by the end of Salazar's rule in 1968, it had risen to 48%; and in 1973, under the leadership of Marcelo Caetano, Portugal's per capita GDP had reached 56.4% of the EC-12 average. Religious policies

  2. Américo de Deus Rodrigues Tomás GCC GOA GOSE (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈmɛɾiku dɨ ˈdewʃ ʁuˈdɾiɡɨʃ tuˈmaʃ]; 19 November 1894 – 18 September 1987) was a Portuguese Navy officer and politician who served as the 13th President of Portugal from 1958 to 1974

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