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  1. List of people from the London Borough of Wandsworth - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_people_from_Wandsworth

    Marcus Brigstocke — comedian; Ben Bruce — musician, lead guitarist of Asking Alexandria; Frank Bruno — boxer; Luella Hambury- Famous; Daisy Burrell — actress; Charles Bernard Childs — physicist; Gazza Churchward — art curator; Thomas Craig — actor; Russell Crawford - philosopher, lyricist and post-modern artist; Sophie Dahl — model; Jack Dee — comedian

  2. Savoy Hotel - Wikipedia › wiki › Savoy_Hotel

    The Savoy Hotel is a luxury hotel located in the Strand in the City of Westminster in central London, England. Built by the impresario Richard D'Oyly Carte with profits from his Gilbert and Sullivan opera productions, it opened on 6 August 1889. It was the first in the Savoy group of hotels and restaurants owned by Carte's family for over a ...

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  4. Marcus Terentius Varro Lucullus - Wikipedia › Marcus_Terentius_Varro_Lucullus

    Marcus Terentius Varro Lucullus (116 – soon after 56 BC), younger brother of the more famous Lucius Licinius Lucullus, was a supporter of Lucius Cornelius Sulla and consul of ancient Rome in 73 BC. As proconsul of Macedonia in 72 BC, he defeated the Bessi in Thrace and advanced to the Danube and the west coast of the Black Sea .

  5. Marcus Livius Drusus (reformer) - Wikipedia › Marcus_Livius_Drusus_(reformer)

    Marcus Livius Drusus was a Roman politician and reformer, most famous as Tribune of the plebs in 91 BC. During his year in office, Drusus proposed wide-ranging legislative reforms, including offering the citizenship to Rome's Italian allies. The failure of these reforms, and Drusus' subsequent murder at the hands of an unknown assassin in late 91 BC, are often seen as an immediate cause of the Social War.

  6. List of people with dyslexia - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_people_diagnosed

    Chrisann Brennan, American artist and the author of The Bite in the Apple. Marcus Brigstocke, English comedian and satirist. Nancy Brinker, American ambassador and nonprofit founder. Erin Brockovich, American legal clerk, socio-environmental activist. Max Brooks, American actor and author.

  7. Marcus Gavius Apicius - Wikipedia › wiki › Marcus_Gavius_Apicius

    Marcus Gavius Apicius is believed to have been a Roman gourmet and lover of luxury, who lived sometime in the 1st century AD, during the reign of Tiberius. The Roman cookbook Apicius is often attributed to him, though it is impossible to prove the connection. He was the subject of On the Luxury of Apicius, a famous work, now lost, by the Greek grammarian Apion. M. Gavius Apicius apparently owed his cognomen to an earlier Apicius, who lived around 90 BC, whose family name it may have been: if thi

  8. Epictetus - Wikipedia › wiki › Epictetus

    Epictetus was a Greek Stoic philosopher. He was born a slave at Hierapolis, Phrygia and lived in Rome until his banishment, when he went to Nicopolis in northwestern Greece for the rest of his life. His teachings were written down and published by his pupil Arrian in his Discourses and Enchiridion. Epictetus taught that philosophy is a way of life and not just a theoretical discipline. To Epictetus, all external events are beyond our control; we should accept whatever happens calmly and dispassi

  9. Queen Elizabeth II Biography - Famous People - Famous People ... › profiles › queen-elizabeth

    Famous as: Queen of the United Kingdom. Quotes By Queen Elizabeth II Empresses & Queens. Height: 1.63 m. Family: Spouse/Ex-: Duke of Edinburgh (m. 1947), Prince Philip. father: George VI, King George VI. mother: Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. siblings: Princess Margaret.

  10. George Best Biography - Famous People - Famous People in ... › profiles › george-best

    George Best was born in Cregagh, Belfast, Northern Ireland to Dickie Best and Anne Best. His father was a member of the Orange Order, a Protestant fraternal organisation based in Belfast. He loved football right from his earliest years and played for a local boys club in Cregagh.

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