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  1. ‘Margaret,’ Directed by Kenneth Lonergan - The New York Times

    Sep 30, 2011 · For around 90 minutes, “Margaret” feels not like a standard American coming-of-age story, but like a French movie, more concerned with candor than with likability and driven less by the mechanisms...

  2. ‘Margaret,’ ‘American Animals ... - The New York Times

    Jan 25, 2021 · In 2012, Bart Layton directed “The Imposter,” one of the more compelling true-crime documentaries of the era. For this follow-up, he tells another true story, but through a more complicated lens.

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  4. Movie Reviews - The New York Times

    This feature-length expansion of the popular cartoon is too brainless for adults, but its kid-friendly title characters are barely supporting players. By Jason Bailey Anthony Hopkins gives a ...

  5. ‘The Iron Lady,’ About Margaret Thatcher - The New York Times

    Dec 30, 2011 · “Iron Lady,” about the former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, is the story of a widow and a half-abandoned mother who happened to have been one of the most powerful women of the 20th ...

  6. Margaret (2011) - Margaret (2011) - User Reviews - IMDb

    Margaret is a very long movie with very little story to tell. The story wanders everywhere. It is essentially a story about a 17-year- old woman, Lisa Cohen, who is partly responsible for the death of a pedestrian in New York City.

  7. Margaret - Movie Reviews - Rotten Tomatoes

    Margaret Reviews. Movie Reviews By Reviewer Type. All Critics; ... captures the essence of New York City life (or the Upper West Side version of it, anyway) as well as any film ever has, while ...

  8. Margaret: The masterpiece that (almost) got away | Scanners ...

    Jul 08, 2012 · Kenneth Lonergan's "Margaret" was written in 2003, filmed in 2005 and stuck in post-production for six more years. The 150-minute version briefly released theatrically last year was an inchoate masterpiece, perhaps, but a masterpiece nevertheless. The DVD/Blu-ray release, July 10, will feature two versions of the film -- the theatrical release and a new "extended cut" by Lonergan that, he says ...

  9. Margaret (2011) - Movie Trailers | Reviews - Rotten Tomatoes

    New York high-school student Lisa Cohen (Anna Paquin) inadvertently causes an accident in which a bus driver (Mark Ruffalo) runs over a pedestrian (Allison Janney). Guilt-stricken over her role in ...

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  10. Margaret – review | Film | The Guardian

    Dec 01, 2011 · Margaretreview. ... a post-9/11 New York drama in a world of trauma, rage, blame, overtalking and interrupting. Originally conceived as a three-hour movie, it has been allowed into cinemas in ...

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