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    Margaret was born on 10 January 1480 and named after her stepgrandmother, Margaret of York. She was the second child and only daughter of Maximilian of Austria (future Holy Roman Emperor) and Mary of Burgundy, co-sovereigns of the Low Countries.

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    Mar­garet was born on 10 Jan­u­ary 1480, as the sec­ond child and only daugh­ter of Max­i­m­il­ian of Aus­tria and Mary of Bur­gundy, co-sov­er­eigns of the Low Coun­tries. She was named after her step­grand­mother, Mar­garet of York, Dowa­ger Duchess of Bur­gundy, who was es­pe­cially close to Duchess Mary. In 1482, Mar­garet's mother died and her older brother, Philip the Hand­some, at that time three years of age, suc­ceeded her as sov­er­eign of the Low Coun­tries, with his fa­ther Max­i­...

    Princess of Asturias

    In order to achieve an al­liance with Queen Is­abella I of Castile and King Fer­di­nand II of Aragon, Max­i­m­il­ian started ne­go­ti­at­ing the mar­riage of their only son and heir, John, Prince of As­turias, to Mar­garet, as well as the mar­riage of their daugh­ter, Juana, to Philip. Mar­garet left the Nether­lands for Spain late in 1496. The mar­riage took place in 1497. John died after only six months, on 4 Oc­to­ber. Mar­garet was left preg­nant, but on 2 April 1498 she gave birth to a p...

    Duchess of Savoy

    In 1501, Mar­garet mar­ried Philib­ert II, Duke of Savoy (1480–1504). This mar­riage was child­less as well, and he died after three years. A grief-stricken Mar­garet threw her­self out of a win­dow, but was saved. After being per­suaded to bury her hus­band, she had his heart em­balmed so she could keep it with her forever. She vowed never to marry again. Her court his­to­rian and poet Jean Lemaire de Belgesgave her the title "Dame de deuil" (Lady of Mourning).

    Mar­garet had re­ceived a fine ed­u­ca­tion. She played sev­eral in­stru­ments, was well read and wrote po­etry. Her court at Meche­len was vis­ited by the great hu­man­ists of her time, in­clud­ing Eras­mus, Adrian of Utrecht (later Pope Adrian VI), and Hein­rich Cor­nelius Agrippa. Agrippa ded­i­cated his (ar­guably) fem­i­nist work Decla­ma­tion on the No­bil­ity and Pre­em­i­nence of the Fe­male Sex, which later be­came widely in­flu­en­tial, to Margaret. She pos­sessed a rich li­brary, con­sist­ing mostly of missals, his­tor­i­cal and eth­i­cal trea­tises (which in­cluded the works of Chris­tine de Pizan) and po­etry. It in­cluded the fa­mous il­lu­mi­nated Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry. She or­dered sev­eral splen­did music man­u­scripts from Pierre Alamire to send them as gifts to mem­bers and her fam­ily and to her po­lit­i­cal re­la­tions, and pos­sessed sev­eral Chan­son­niers her­self. They con­tained works by Josquin des Prez, Jo­hannes Ock­eghem, Jacob Obrecht and...

    Mar­garet of Aus­tria Wor­ship­ping by Anony­mous (South­ern Nether­lands) be­tween 1500 and 1510; Mu­seum of Fine Arts, Ghent
    Mar­garet of Aus­tria c. 1500, At­trib­uted to Pieter van Con­inxloo.
    Arms as a sin­gle lady (be­fore 1496)
    Arms as princess of Spain (1496-1501)
    Arms as duchess of Savoy (after 1501)
    Arms as count­ess of Bur­gundy and Ar­tois (after 1509)
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    Diana Maury Robin, Anne R. Larsen and Carole Levin (2007). Encyclopedia of women in the Renaissance: Italy, France, and England. ABC-CLIO, Inc.CS1 maint: uses authors parameter (link)
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