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    Margaret Sambiria (in Danish: Margrethe Sambiria, Sambirsdatter or Margrethe Sprænghest; c. 1230 – December 1282) was Queen of Denmark by marriage to King Christopher I, and regent during the minority of her son, King Eric V from 1259 until 1264. She is the first woman confirmed to have formally ruled as regent of Denmark.

    • c. 1230, Germany
    • 1252–1259
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    • Dukes of The Slavic Pomeranian Tribes
    • Duchy of Pomerania
    • Principality of Rugia
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    The lands of Pomerania were firstly ruled by local tribes, who settled in Pomerania around the 10th and 11th centuries.

    The Duchy resulted from the partition of Świętobor, Duke of Pomerania, in which his son Wartislaw inherited the lands that would become in fact known as Pomerania.

    1168–1325 feudal fief of Denmark under local rulers: 1. 1162–1170 Tezlaw 2. 1170–1217 Jaromar I 3. 1218–1249 Wizlaw I 4. 1249–1260 Jaromar II 5. 1260–1302 Wizlaw II 6. 1303–1325 Wizlaw III From 1325 Pomerania-Wolgast or -Barth: 1. 1325–1326 Wartislaw IV 2. 1326–1368 Bogislaw V, Wartislaw V, Barnim IV 3. 1368–1372 Wartislaw VI, Bogislaw VI 4. 1372–1394 Wartislaw VI 5. 1394–1415 Wartislaw VIII 6. 1415–1432/36 Swantibor II 7. 1432/36–1451 Barnim VIII 8. 1451–1457 Wartislaw IX 9. 1457–1478 Wartislaw X from 1474 part of Pomerania-Wolgast

    In 1155, the lands who belonged to Świętopełk I became independent under Sobieslaw I, a possible descendant, who founded the House of Sambor and the Duchy of Pomerelia. The dukes of Pomerelia were using the Latin title dux Pomeraniae ("Duke of Pomerania") or dux Pomeranorum("Duke of the Pomeranians").

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    Map of Pomerania and Pomerelia as part of the Hohenstaufen Holy Roman Empire1138–1254.
  4. Margaretha von Brandenburg (1511-1577) | Familypedia | Fandom

    Margaretha von Brandenburg was born 29 September 1511 to Joachim I. Nestor von Brandenburg (1484-1535) and Elisabeth of Denmark (1485-1555) and died 31 December 1577 of unspecified causes. She married Georg I. von Pommern (1493-1531) 23 January 1530 JL in Wolgast. She married Johann IV. von Anhalt-Dessau (1504-1551) 15 February 1534 JL in Dessau.

    • 86N5-B5
    • Hans Jonas von der Goltz (-aft1566)
    • Johann II von Anhalt (1504-1551)
    • 15 February 1534 Dessau
  5. Margaret I of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Margaret I was the queen who founded the Kalmar Union of the kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, spanning Scandinavia for over a century. Margaret was known as a wise, energetic and capable leader, who governed with "farsighted tact and caution," earning the nickname "Semiramis of the North". She was derisively called "King Breechless", one of several derogatory nicknames invented by her rival Albert of Mecklenburg, but was also known by her subjects as "the Lady King", which became widely

  6. Maria of Saxony, Duchess of Pomerania - Wikipedia,_Duchess...

    Maria of Saxony ( German: Maria von Sachsen; 15 December 1515 in Weimar – 7 January 1583 in Wolgast) was a member of the Ernestine line of the house Wettin and a Princess of Saxony by birth and by marriage a Duchess of Pomerania.

  7. Oct 28, 2017 · Margaret (1373?1410), who was married to John III, Burgrave of Nuremberg. Henry (1377?1378). After her husband's death at 29 November 1378 in Prague, Elizabeth's stepson Wenceslaus IV, son of Charles's previous wife, ascended the throne.

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    Bogislaw XIII (Bogusław XIII) of Pomerania (9 August 1544 – 7 March 1606, Stettin; Polish: Szczecin), son of Philip I and Maria of Saxony, was a prince of Stettin and Wolgast, and a member of the Griffins.

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    May 23, 2003 · He was the son of Valdemar II 'the Victorious' Valdemarsson, King of Denmark and Berengaria de Portugal. 1 He married Margaret of Pomerania, daughter of Sambar von Kassuben, Duke of Kassuben, in 1248. He died on 29 May 1259 at Ribe G. He succeeded as the King Christopher I of Denmark in 1252. 2

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    Oct 07, 2011 · Erik VII of Pomerania, King of Denmark was born in 1382. 2 He was the son of Wartislav VII of Pomerania, Duke of Pomerania and Marie von Mecklenburg, Duchess of Pomerania. 3 He married Philippa Plantagenet, daughter of Henry IV, King of England and Lady Mary de Bohun, on 26 October 1406 at Lund, Skane, Sweden G. 2 He died circa 1459 at ...