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    N°6 [Cellule d'habitation] juillet 1953. Inv. : AM 2007-2-500 (05) fait partie de l'ensemble "Grille du CIAM d'Aix-en-Provence" Panneau présenté à l'occasion du CIAM 9 du 19 au 24 juillet 1953 dans les locaux de l’École des Arts et Métiers d'Aix-en-Provence Boitier en métal contenant 75 panneaux et 1 feuille Canson

  2. Margaret was the daughter of the English prince Edward the Exile and his wife Agatha, and also the granddaughter of Edmund Ironside, King of England. After the death of Ironside in 1016, Canute sent the infant Edward and his brother to the court of the Swedish king, Olof Skötkonung, and they eventually made their way to Kiev.

  3. De Mohrenschildt later alleged that their friendship continued until Oswald's death following the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy. In actuality, de Mohrenschildt never saw Oswald, or wrote to him, after April 13, 1963—three days after Oswald's alleged attempt on the life of General Edwin Walker.

  4. He noted that over half of the people on Marrs's list did not die mysteriously, but of natural causes, such as Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman, who died of heart failure at age 69 in 1984, long after the Kennedy assassination, but is on Marrs's list as someone whose cause of death is "unknown". Posner also pointed out that many prominent ...

  5. Fred called the doctor, who told him to go fetch his parents from church. By the time they returned, Edward had died. The cause was determined to be ‘acute indigestion.’ Later in life, Fred reasoned that the true cause had been a massive cerebral hemorrhage. Edward’s death at age 16 left the family, including Fred, in shock for a long time.

  6. La chronologie de la musique classique présente sur une échelle de temps les événements constitutifs de l'histoire de la musique classique entendue par convention comme l'ensemble de la musique savante occidentale par opposition à la musique populaire ou à la musique du monde ainsi que les naissance et disparition des acteurs les plus significatifs de ce domaine (compositeurs ...

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