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  1. Oia is a municipality in the province of Pontevedra in the autonomous community of Galicia, in Spain. Oia from Mapcarta, the free map. ... Maria de Oia is a former ...

  2. Interactive Map of Galicia - Search Touristic Sights. Hiking ...

    Interactive map of Galicia, Spain. Search technology for any objects of interest or service in Galicia - temples, monuments, museums, hotels, water parks, zoos, police stations, pharmacies, shops and much more. Interactive maps of biking and hiking routes, as well as railway, rural and landscape maps.

  3. Galicia (Eastern Europe) - Wikipedia

    Galicia–Volhynia was created following the death in 1198 or 1199 (and without a recognised heir in the paternal line) of the last Prince of Galicia, Vladimir II Yaroslavich; Roman acquired the Principality of Galicia and united his lands into one state. Roman's successors would mostly use Halych (Galicia) as the designation of their combined ...

  4. 13 Maps That Explain Galicia - Trevor Huxham

    Feb 13, 2015 · What this map shows is that, a thousand years ago, Galicia and Portugal were once the same country and spoke the same language. Nothing happened overnight when a border was drawn just north of Braga, but over the centuries the two dialects began to diverge.

    • Galicia from space
      Galicia from space
      Even in the satellite view you can tell how green and forested Galicia really is—a stark contrast from the Castilian mesetaor flat plateau to the southeast that is mostly covered in rolling plains.
    • The Roman province of Gallaecia
      The Roman province of Gallaecia
      By the 1st century BCE, all of the Iberian peninsula had come under Roman rule, and its northwestern corner belonged to the vast imperial province known as Tarraconensis.
    • The medieval kingdom of Galicia in the 11th century
      The medieval kingdom of Galicia in the 11th century
      Before the medieval kingdom of Galicia was united with León (and later Castilla), it once stretched halfway down the western coast of the peninsula, encompassing much of modern-day Portugal.
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  6. References and More Information // The Gesher Galicia Map ...

    References and More Information About the Gesher Galicia Map Room This article contains general information about mapping in the Galician region of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and a brief description of how historic maps were assembled and formatted for viewing in the Gesher Galicia Map Room.

  7. Porto de Oia is a cove in Galicia. Porto de Oia is situated in Cilias. Porto de Oia from Mapcarta, the free map.

  8. Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia - Wikipedia–Volhynia

    In 1772, Empress Maria Theresa of Austria (who was also Queen of Hungary) revived the old Hungarian claims to the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria (Regnum Galiciæ et Lodomeriæ), using them to justify the participation of Austria in the partitions of Poland.

  9. Kingdom of Galicia - Wikipedia

    The independent Suebic kingdom of Galicia lasted from 409 to 585, having remained relatively stable for most of that time. 5th century. In 409 Gallaecia was divided, ad habitandum, between two Germanic people, the Hasdingi Vandals, who settled the eastern lands, and the Suebi, who established themselves in the coastal areas.

  10. Ría de Pontevedra - GALICIA

    Ría de Pontevedra Pontevedra is the capital of the Rías Baixas . A majestic city overflowing with life and pavement cafés, and which boasts Galicia's second most important historic quarter, after Santiago's .

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