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    What are the names of marine birds?

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  2. MBTA - Migratory Bird Treaty Act R- resident (present all year, but could be far out at sea and not visible from shore) W - winter Sp - spring S - summer F - fall * Indicates the species is under review for a change of status at the Washington State level.

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    Long billed, long legged birds wade in shallow water or along the edge of the water using their bills to probe in the mud or sand to pluck prey items out. Black skimmers skim the surface of the water to catch fish.

  4. Oct 05, 2017 · The blue-footed booby (Sula nebouxii) is a marine bird inhabits subtropical and tropical regions of the eastern Pacific Ocean. This bird has bright blue feet, which is a sexually selected trait. Meanwhile, males show their feet in an elaborate mating ritual by lifting them up and down while strutting before the female.

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    Often confused with gulls because of their chunky build and short tails, fulmars are actually a type of petrel. They are opportunistic feeders and forage widely, including visiting land for trash or carrion. They are tubenoses with prominent bill structures that help filter salt out of the seawater they drink. There are only two fulmar species in the world, the northern fulmar and the southern fulmar. Both are included in the Procellariidae family. Shearwaters are small petrels with long wings that specialize in low, gliding flight. Their wingtips may brush the waves and \\"shear the water\\" as they fly, giving these birds their familiar name. There are more than 30 shearwater species and these birds can be found worldwide, but they often remain far out to sea. Where feeding conditions are ideal, they can gather in large groups, especially where upwellings bring prey such as fish, plankton, and squid close to the surface. Shearwaters are part of the Procellariidae family.

    Petrels are small seabirds are distinguished by their elongated, tubular nostrils and their low, wave-skimming flight. They often stay so close to the water that they have the appearance of walking on its surface. Like many seabirds, petrels stay at sea nearly all their lives, returning to land only to breed. Birds called \\"petrel\\" are found in several scientific families. While some classifications are not universally accepted, the true petrels are generally considered part of the Procellariidae family.

    Puffins are large auks with broad, colorful bills and whimsical expressions. Because of this, they are often called sea clowns or sea parrots. They are powerful swimmers and nest in large breeding colonies, typically on offshore islands or isolated northern coasts. On land, they have an upright posture, and in flight their wing beats are rapid and their path direct. There are only three puffin species, horned, Atlantic, and tufted, and all are in the Alcidae bird family.

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