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  1. Nine different species of dolphin are found around the New Zealand coast, including Hector's, Māui and bottlenose dolphins. How to report dolphin sightings. Call 0800 DOC HOT (0800 362 468) immediately if you see a southern right whale, Māui dolphin or stranded marine mammal.

  2. In contrast, other marine mammals–such as whales, dolphins, porpoises, manatees, dugongs, and walruses–have lost long fur in favor of a thick, dense epidermis and a thickened fat layer (blubber) to prevent drag. Wading and bottom-feeding animals (such as manatees) need to be heavier than water in order to keep contact with the floor or to ...

  3. Deep diving marine mammals were species of concern, but very little definitive information was known. In 1995 a comprehensive book on the relation between marine mammals and noise had been published, and it did not even mention strandings. In 2013, research showed beaked whales were highly sensitive to mid-frequency active sonar.

  4. New Zealand marine mammals include many species of dolphins, seals and whales. New Zealand has a rich and diverse fauna of marine mammals. Almost half the world's cetaceans (whales, porpoises and dolphins) have been reported in our waters.

  5. Dolphins, whales, sea otters and other marine mammals capture the imagination and demand the affections of people around the world. Many of these marine animals adhere to complex social systems and exhibit remarkable intelligence.

  6. Plastic pollution affects at least 700 marine species and some estimates suggest that at least 100 million marine mammals are killed each year by it. These 5 Marine Animals Are Dying Because of ...

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    Most dolphins are marine and live in the ocean or brackish waters along coastlines. There are a few species, however, like the South Asian river dolphin and the Amazon river dolphin, or boto ...

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