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    Mariupol was founded on the site of a former Cossack encampment named Kalmius and granted city rights in 1778. It has been a centre for the grain trade, metallurgy, and heavy engineering, including the Illich Steel & Iron Works and Azovstal. Mariupol has played a key role in the industrialization of Ukraine.

    • 244 km² (94 sq mi)
    • 87500—87590
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    FC Mariupol In 2017 as part of the ongoing decommunization process of Ukraine , the club changed its name of Illichivets to simply FC Mariupol, officially adopting on 14 June 2017 [7] for the 2017–18 Ukrainian Premier League season.

  3. Battle of Mariupol (May–June 2014) - Wikipedia
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    During the rising unrest in Ukraine in the aftermath of the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, the city of Mariupol, in Donetsk Oblast, saw skirmishes break out between Ukrainian government forces, local police, separatist militants affiliated with the Donetsk People's Republic. Government forces withdrew from Mariupol on 9 May 2014 after heavy fighting left the city's police headquarters gutted by fire. These forces maintained checkpoints outside the city. Intervention by Metinvest steelworkers on 15 M

    Mariupol is the second-largest city in the Donetsk Oblast, and has experienced sporadic unrest since March 2014. Pro-Russian and anti-government groups had first occupied the city council building on 18 March 2014. The first violent incident had occurred during the night on 16 April 2014, when about 300 pro-Russian and anti-government protesters attacked a Ukrainian military unit in Mariupol, throwing petrol bombs. Internal Affairs minister Arsen Avakov said that troops were forced to open fire,

    A violent clash involving armoured personnel carriers took place at the Mariupol police headquarters on Victory Day, 9 May 2014. The Ukrainian government said it sent in the APCs in response to an attempt by militant separatists to storm the building. According to the Internal Affairs Ministry, the assault on the station involved 60 separatists armed with automatic weapons. Some local policemen reportedly helped the militants during the takeover and later clashed with Internal Troops who fired o

    There were conflicting reports regarding the number and identity of the dead with regard to the 9 May 2014 incident. Internal Affairs minister Arsen Avakov stated that the operation resulted in the death of one policeman, and about twenty people described as "terrorists". Four militants were captured and five policemen were wounded. The Daily Telegraph reported that some locals thought that most of the between five and twenty people killed were innocent civilians. City traffic police chief Vikto

    On 13 June 2015, a monument to the defenders of the Military Unit No. 3057 was unveiled in the city on the first anniversary of the liberation. A documentary film on the Public TV of Azov called Year of Freedom. Mariupol After DNR was released in 2015. Mariupol Liberation Day from Russian Occupation is celebrated annually on 13 June, being an official holiday in the city. It was first solemnly celebrated at the state level in 2016. On this day, the Azov Regiment holds an organized military parad

    • 6 May – 14 June 2014, (1 month, 1 week and 1 day)
    • Ukrainian victory, Ukrainian forces regain complete control of Mariupol, Mariupol becomes the provisional capital of Donetsk Oblast
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    Mariupol International Airport (Ukrainian: Міжнародний аеропорт Маріуполь, Russian: Международный аэропорт Мариуполь) (IATA: MPW, ICAO: UKCM), previously known as Zhdanov Airport, is the currently closed main airport of the large, industrial city and port of Mariupol and is located 5km from the city.

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    Mariupol (Ukrainian: Маріу́поль, Маріюпіль, Roushie: Мариу́поль [mərʲɪˈupəlʲ]; Greek: Μαριούπολη, Marioupoli) is a ceety o oblast signeeficance in sootheastren Ukraine, situatit on the north coast o the Sea o Azov at the mooth o the Kalmius river.

    • Coat o airms
    • Yuri Khotlubey
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    The beginning of large-scale settlement of Greeks in the steppe region north of the Sea of Azov dates to the Russo-Turkish War (1768–74), when Catherine the Great of Russia invited Greeks of the Crimea to resettle to recently conquered lands (including founding Mariupol) to escape persecution in the then Muslim-dominated Crimea.

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    Ukraine crisis: Mariupol preparing for attack (video 2:24) (inglise keeles) 3. märts 2015, 04:43. UNIAN. После таинственного боя в Мариуполь привезли одного погибшего и двух раненых бойцов - СМИ (vene keeles) 7. mai 2015. YouTube.

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    Hallinnollisesti Mariupol kuuluu Donetskin alueeseen ja historiallisesti Donetsin laakioon. Kaupungissa asuu sen syntyhistorian seurauksena kreikkalaisyhteisö. Mariupol on Ukrainan 10. suurin kaupunki, jonka väkiluvuksi arvioitiin vuoden 2017 alussa 449 498 henkeä.

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    Mariupol (ukrajinsky Маріуполь; rusky Мариу́поль; řecky Μαριούπολις) je přístavní a průmyslové město na severním pobřeží Azovského moře, resp. Taganrožského zálivu, při ústí řeky Kalmius v Doněcké oblasti na jihovýchodní Ukrajině, asi 120 km jižně od Doněcku a 50 km západně od hranic s Ruskem.

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    Mariupol (Ukrainian — Маріуполь, anglisht — Mariupol) — është një qytet në Ukrainë pjesën juglindore, një port në Detin e Azov. Mariupol është e vendosur në Donetsk Oblast. Qendra historike e qytetit është vendosur në bashkimin e lumenjve dhe Kalchik Kalmius në Detin e Azov.