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  1. Mariupol - Wikipedia

    Mariupol is located to the south of the Donetsk Oblast, on the coast of Sea of Azov and at the mouth of Kalmius River. It is located in an area of Azov Lowland that is extension of the Ukrainian Black Sea Lowland.

    • 244 km² (94 sq mi)
    • 87500—87590
  2. Battle of Mariupol (May–June 2014) - Wikipedia

    Mariupol is the second-largest city in the Donetsk Oblast, and has experienced sporadic unrest since March 2014. Pro-Russian and anti-government groups had first occupied the city council building on 18 March 2014.

    • 6 May – 14 June 2014, (1 month, 1 week and 1 day)
    • Ukrainian victory, Ukrainian forces regain complete control of Mariupol, Mariupol becomes the provisional capital of Donetsk Oblast
  3. FC Mariupol - Wikipedia

    Football Club Mariupol (Ukrainian: Футбольний клуб "Маріуполь" [mɐr⁽ʲ⁾iˈupolʲ] (listen)) is a Ukrainian professional football club based in Mariupol. From 2002 to 2017 the club was named Illichivets Mariupol under which it participated in European competitions.

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  5. Mariupol International Airport - Wikipedia

    Mariupol International Airport (Ukrainian: Міжнародний аеропорт Маріуполь, Russian: Международный аэропорт Мариуполь) (IATA: MPW, ICAO: UKCM), previously known as Zhdanov Airport, is the currently closed main airport of the large, industrial city and port of Mariupol and is located 5km from the city.

  6. Offensive on Mariupol (September 2014) - Wikipedia

    In late August and early September 2014, rebels supporting the Donetsk People's Republic advanced on the government -controlled port city of Mariupol in southern Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine which it had controlled between May and June. This followed a wide offensive by DPR/ Novorossiya forces, which led to their capture of Novoazovsk to the east.

    • 4–8 September 2014, (4 days)
    • Novoazovsk captured by pro-Russian forces, Ceasefire
  7. MBK Mariupol - Wikipedia

    MBK Mariupol (Ukrainian: МБК «Маріуполь»") (former name: BK Azovmash)is a Ukrainian professional basketball club. It was founded in 1990 in the city of Mariupol in South-Eastern Ukraine.

  8. Mariupol State University - Wikipedia

    Mariupol Institute of Humanities was recognized in Ukraine and in Greece as the leading center of academic instructions in the Greek language, revival of the Ukrainian Hellenes as well as the center of friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

  9. Mariupol Greek - Wikipedia

    Mariupolitan Greek, also known as Rumeíka, is a Greek dialect spoken by the ethnic Greeks living along the northern coast of the Sea of Azov, in southeastern Ukraine; the community itself is referred to as Azov Greeks. Although Rumeíka, along with the Turkic Urum language, remained the main language spoken by the Azov Greeks well into the 20th century, currently it is used by only a small part of Ukraine's ethnic Greeks.

  10. Mariupol - Wikipedia

    Mariupol (Ukrainian — Маріуполь, anglisht — Mariupol) — është një qytet në Ukrainë pjesën juglindore, një port në Detin e Azov. Mariupol është e vendosur në Donetsk Oblast. Qendra historike e qytetit është vendosur në bashkimin e lumenjve dhe Kalchik Kalmius në Detin e Azov.

  11. Mariupol – Wikipedia

    Mariupol (ukr. Маріу́поль, ven. Мариу́поль, kreik. Μαριούπολις) on Kaakkois-Ukrainassa Asovanmeren rannalla sijaitseva teollisuus- ja satamakaupunki. Hallinnollisesti Mariupol kuuluu Donetskin alueeseen ja historiallisesti Donetsin laakioon. Kaupungissa asuu sen syntyhistorian seurauksena kreikkalaisyhteisö.