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    On July 3, 1918, young Alan accidentally burned down the family home while playing with matches. His mother moved to Oklahoma City, where she married Jim Beavers, a house painter (d. 1936). [5] In the early 1920s an economic downturn led to Ladd's family moving to California, which took four months.

  2. Published March 11, 2023. Marjorie Jane Harrold, a name that once shook the world of journalism, breathed her last on 25th February 2023. She was 78 years old and left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. Marjorie was born on 23rd July 1944 in Chicago, Illinois, and was the only daughter of Charles and Margaret Harrold.

  3. They had a son, Alan Ladd Jr., and his destitute alcoholic mother moved in with them, her agonizing suicide from ant poison witnessed a few months later by her son. His size and coloring here regarded as not right for movies, so he worked hard at radio, where talent scout and former actress Sue Carol discovered him early in 1939.

  4. About American Spouse Marjorie Jane Harrold was born on 25th October, 1915 in Los Angeles, California, USA and passed away in 1957 aged 41. She is most remembered for 1st wife of Alan Ladd. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

  5. Alan Ladd. Maintained by: Find a Grave. Added: 25 Apr 1998. Find a Grave Memorial ID: 595. Source citation. Actor. He is best known as an American actor in the role of Shane in the 1953 western movie of the same name. A handsome man of few words, he was considered short in statue being five-feet-seven-inches according to his army records. He ...

  6. Marjorie (Midge) Jane Harrold. Marjorie (Midge) Jane. Harrold. Birth 25 Oct 1915 - Los Angeles, California. Death 1 May 1957 - Orange. Mother Olivia Blanche Wilson. Father Robert Royal Harrold. Quick access. Family tree.

  7. Alan Ladd Jr., who as a producer and studio executive was a guiding hand behind scores of successful films, none bigger than “Star Wars,” which he championed when its young director, George Lucas,...

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