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    A Market Profile is an intra-day charting technique (price vertical, time/activity horizontal) devised by J. Peter Steidlmayer, a trader at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), ca 1959-1985. Steidlmayer was seeking a way to determine and to evaluate market value as it developed in the day time frame.

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    Market Profile is a form of technical analysis that was jointly developed by renowned trader and author J. Peter Steidlmayer and the Chicago Board of Trade. Over the years, this unique tool has helped traders gain an unparalleled understanding of the markets, as well as find profitable trading opportunities within them.

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  3. Market Profile - Structure and Fundamental Concepts

    Market Profile is a graphical market reading tool created by J. Peter Steidlmayer in the early 80’s, with the aim of assisting the trader in understanding and understanding the markets.

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    Market Profile is a graphical display of the volume distribution at each price level. The founder of the Market Profile is Peter Steidlmayer. He was the first to introduce the Market Profile to the Chicago Board Of Trade (CBOT) traders in 1985. The technical analysis had had only the volume per time unit before Steidlmayer.

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    “It is a well known fact that Pete Steidlmayer codified the Mar- ket Profile and presented it to the world. In terms of applying the profile to real-time trading, no one has more insight than Steve Hawkins. If you want to understand the nuances of market be- havior and what it takes to be a great trader, then you had better buy this book.”

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    Steidlmayer on Marketsis a technically proficient, insightful, and thoroughly educational read. . . . And today’s challenging fi nancial markets require innovative and dynamic analysis such as ‘market profile’. For the financial market novice or profes sional trader Steidlmayer on Markets should be on the list of re quired reading materials.”

  7. Markets and Market Logic: Steidlmayer, J. Peter, Koy, Kevin ...

    Understand the "milieu" before you waste your time on the latest gizmo -- Peter Steidlmayer is the undisputed guru for true insight into the markets. His contribution to the industry cannot be overstated.

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    • 01 Dec, 1986
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  8. In 1982 Peter Steidlmayer, a Chicago Board of Trade Member and Mike Boyle, the Vice President of Technology at the Exchange developed a vertical graphic that captured and demonstrated the market dynamics of price and volume over the course of the trading day. Price and volume data are presented in a logical and visual manner.

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    Developed by J. Peter Steidlmayer in 1980 and refined by James Dalton through the groundbreaking text “Mind Over Markets”, market profile is simply a way of organizing market generated information by incorporating the “3rd element” of time in addition to price and volume. Normal, two-dimensional charts are just that, two dimensional.

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    Peter Steidlmayer developed Market Profile in the 1980s in conjunction with the Chicago Board of Trade. Traders who use it say that they get an in-depth understanding of the market, contributing to improved trading. Many factors can be monitored from Market Profile. Market Profile is not an indicator in the typical sense.