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  1. Marvel Legends Checklist: 2021 - FigureList › marvel-legends-checklist › 2021-waves

    A complete list of Marvel Legends figures from 2021. This is an international exclusive wave (not available in the US) and features re-released figures from the 2017 Thor Ragnorok and Guardians of the Galaxy waves and a re-released version of the 2017 Thor Ragnorok: Gladiator Hulk build-a-figure.

  2. Marvel Legends Action Figures Checklist - I-Marketing-Biz › marvel-legends-action-figures-checklist

    Some of the more popular toys may be considered the Marvel Legends action figures. These toys are the newly designed versions of some of Marvel’s most sought after characters. The diverse Marvel Legends action figures have been given articulated bodies thence that it is feasible to pose them in various positions.

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  4. Marvel Legends Complete Visual Guide - › marvel › marvel-legends

    Marvel Legends Complete Visual Guide All 1015 of the Marvel Legends action figures that are included in this guide.You can also drill down by BAF, Exclusives or Sets (non BAF).

  5. Marvel Legends Checklist - Preternia › marvel-legends-picture-archive

    May 29, 2021 · Marvel Studios – The First Ten Years Collection July 2018. Iron Man – MCU Tony Stark and MCU Mark 1. Captain America – MCU Red Skull with Hydra Soldier Heads. Avengers – MCU Iron Man Mark 7. Iron Man 3 – MCU Pepper Potts, MCU Hot Rod Iron Man, MCU Mandarin. Thor: The Dark World – MCU Thor and MCU Sif.

  6. Marvel Universe Database Checklist › marvel-universe

    This website is a private action figure photo gallery, and is in no way affiliated with Disney, Hasbro, Marvel Studios or Marvel Enterprises. All comic book characters are the licensed property of Marvel Comics.

  7. Marvel Legends Build A Figure Visual and Price Guides - Home › marvel › build-a-figure

    Marvel Legends Visual And Price Guides - Home. Home. Build A Figure. Below is a list of all the Build A Figure (BAF) Marvel Legends releases. Mouse over the name to see an image of the set or change the sort below by clicking on the column heading. BAF.

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