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    • Hasbro Two-Packs (2007-2010)

      • Cable and Marvel Girl
      • Cannonball and Domino
      • Ronin and Elektra
      • Ultimate Captain America and Ultimate Nick Fury
      • Forge and Uniformed Wolverine
      • Mr. ...
      • Nick Fury and Hand Ninja Running Change: Dum Dum Dugan and Hand Ninja
      • Skrull Soldier and Kree Soldier
      • Classic Armor Iron Man and Maria Hill Running Change: Classic Armor Iron Man and Sharon Carter
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  2. Complete List of Marvel Legends Action Figures › toys › legends-all

    Captain Marvel - with chase. Spider-Woman - with chase. Moon Knight - with chase. Iron Man - with chase. Wasp - with chase

  3. Marvel Legends Complete Visual Guide - › marvel › marvel-legends

    Marvel Legends Complete Visual Guide All 1016 of the Marvel Legends action figures that are included in this guide.You can also drill down by BAF, Exclusives or Sets (non BAF).

  4. Complete List of Marvel Legends Infinite Series Action Figures › toys › infinite-series

    Captain Marvel: Machine Man: Marvel Now Thor: Scarlet Witch : Sentry: Hawkeye: Iron Fist : Jubilee Series (2014) Marvel Now Cyclops: Magneto: Marvel Now Storm: Stryfe : Wolverine : Groot Series (2014) Gamora: Rocket Raccoon: Star Lord: Drax : Nova: Cosmic Iron-Man : Ultimate Green Goblin Series (2014) Amazing Spider-man: Electro: Superior Spider-man: Carnage/Toxin : Spider-girl: Black Cat

  5. Marvel Legends Checklist: 2021 - FigureList › marvel-legends-checklist › 2021-waves

    LEGENDS: GLADIATOR. HULK. WAVE. INTERNATIONAL WAVE. This is an international exclusive wave (not available in the US) and features re-released figures from the 2017 Thor Ragnorok and Guardians of the Galaxy waves and a re-released version of the 2017 Thor Ragnorok: Gladiator Hulk build-a-figure. In this wave.

  6. Marvel Legends (Hasbro) Action Figure Checklist › actionfigure

    Includes Marvel's Angel, Marvel Girl, Marvel's Cyclops, Iceman and Marvel's Beast. View - Add to Collection - Add to Wishlist - Contribute Cable / Marvel Girl (Wal-Mart)

  7. Marvel Legends - Infinite Series - 12" Scale. Released in 2021 by Hasbro. Blinded as a child by a radioactive substance, Matt Murdock learned that there was more to seeing than sight. A lawyer by day and Super Hero by night, Murdock adopted the name Daredevil and sought to . . . View - Add to Collection - Add to Wishlist - Contribute.

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    related to: marvel legends action figures list