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  1. Marvel Universe (toyline) - Wikipedia › wiki › Marvel_Universe_(toyline)

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Marvel Universe is a 3​ 3⁄4 " action figure line manufactured by Hasbro, featuring characters from the Marvel Comics universe. It first hit stores in early 2009 and features detailed sculpting, multiple points of articulation, and accessories. The line was created by Hasbro Designer Dave Vonner.

  2. Marvel Legends - Wikipedia › wiki › Marvel_Legends

    Marvel Legends is an action figure line based on the characters of Marvel Comics, initially produced by Toy Biz, then by Hasbro. This line is in the 6-inch (150 mm) scale, with spin-off lines in the 4-inch (100 mm), 8-inch (200 mm), and 12-inch (300 mm) scale. The line initially began as a spin-off of the Spider-Man Classics line, which were also produced by Toy Biz.

    Theta Sentinel (Powers of X)
    February 2021
    Theta Sentinel (Powers of X)
    February 2021
    Alternate psychic effect head and alternate hands
    Theta Sentinel (Powers of X)
    February 2021
    Removable lab coat, scarf, book, alternate arms and alternate head
    Theta Sentinel (Powers of X)
    February 2021
    Alternate head and blaster arms
    • 2002–present
    • Toy Biz (2002-2006), Hasbro (2006-present)
    • 4", 6", 8", and 12" action figure toy line
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  4. Toy Biz - Wikipedia › wiki › Toy_Biz

    The subsidiary would then become 'Marvel Toys' outright by the end of 2006. Due to Marvel Entertainment's bankruptcy, the company became financially unable to continue to run the Marvel Toys subsidiary at its current level, and Hasbro purchased the master toy license for Marvel Entertainment characters, releasing its first products in January ...

  5. List of Super Hero Squad toys - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Super_Hero_Squad_toys

    Collector's Packs Pack 1 - Daredevil (yellow costume), U.S. Agent, Dark Phoenix, War Machine, Johnny Storm (version 1), Thing (pants/white... Pack 2 - Professor X, Cyclops (Astonishing X-Men Uniform), Wolverine (Brown Uniform), Iceman (Original Form), Shadowcat... Pack 3 - Mister Fantastic (Blue & ...

  6. Marvel Select - Wikipedia › wiki › Marvel_Select

    Marvel Select is a line of action figures from the Marvel Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe manufactured by Diamond Select Toys.. Diamond Select uses the "Select" label for other brands, including Universal Monsters, Star Trek and The Munsters, to indicate the 1:10 scale and comes in similar packaging.

  7. Marvel Toys Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Marvel_Toys_Wiki

    Welcome to Marvel Toys Wiki. The wiki about Marvel Comic action figures that anyone can edit. 105 articles since June 2009.

  8. Marvel Legends | Marvel Toys Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Marvel_Legends
    • Toybiz
    • Hasbro
    • Return of Marvel Legends
    • Marvel Legends Infinite Series

    Walmart Exclusive Giant Man Series

    1. BAF: Giant Man 2. Ant-Man 3. Captain Britain 4. Kitty Pryde 5. Havok 6. Ms. Marvel 7. Sabretooth Age of Apocalypse 8. Sentry 9. Thor (Classic) 10. Wolverine Age of Apocalypse Weapon X

    Wave 13- Onslaught Series

    1. BAF: Onslaught 2. Abomination 3. Blackheart 4. Green Goblin 5. Lady Deathstrike 6. Loki 7. Pyro

    Wave 14- Mojo Series

    1. BAF: Mojo 2. Baron Zemo 3. Falcon 4. First Appearance Iron Man Armor 5. Longshot 6. Luke Cage 7. Psylocke

    Wave 1- Annihilus Series

    1. BAF: Annihilus 2. Banshee 3. Emma Frost 4. Hercules 5. Beast (Movie) 6. Planet Hulk 7. Ultimate Iron Man

    Wave 2- Blob Series

    1. BAF: Blob 2. Lord of Asgard Thor 3. Quicksilver 4. She-Hulk 5. Ultimate Wolverine 6. Jean Grey (Movie) 7. Juggernaut (Movie) 8. Xorn 9. Yellowjacket

    Fantastic Four- Ronan the Accuser Series

    1. BAF: Ronan the Accuser 2. Doctor Doom 3. Human Torch 4. Invisible Woman 5. Mole Man 6. Mr. Fantastic 7. Namor 8. Silver Surfer 9. Thing

    Wave 1- Terrax Series

    1. BAF: Terrax 2. Commander Steve Rogers 3. Extremis Armor Iron Man 4. Ghost Rider 5. Constrictor 6. Modern Thor 7. Klaw 8. Hope Summers

    Wave 2- Arnim Zola Series

    1. BAF: Arnim Zola, Red SkullVariant 2. Captain America 3. Thunderball 3.1. Running Change: Piledriver 4. Madame Masque 4.1. Running Change: Madame Hydra 5. Drax the Destroyer 6. Big Time Spider-Man, FF variant 7. Fantomex 8. Daken, Unmasked Variant

    Wave 3- Epic Heroes Series

    1. US Agent 2. Mystique 3. Punisher, Thunderbolts Variant 4. DeadpoolX-Force Uniform 5. Neo-Classic Armor Iron Man 6. Doctor Doom

    Wave 10- Rhino Series

    1. Walgreens Exclusive: Daredevil (Yellow Costume)

    Wave ?? - Age of Apocalypse X-Men Series

    1. BAF: Sugar Man 2. Wolverine (Age of Apocalypse) 3. Jean Grey (Age of Apocalypse) 4. Dark Beast 5. Morph 6. Sunfire 7. Wild Child 8. X-Man

    Wave ?? - Strong Guy Series

    1. BAF: Strong Guy 2. Deadpool(X-Men Uniform) 3. Sunspot 4. Warpath

  9. Marvel Universe (Toys) | Marvel Database | Fandom › wiki › Marvel_Universe_(Toys)

    Wave 1 (March, 2009) Deadpool Gambit Logan Maverick Sabretooth Yellow Wolverine Brown Wolverine Strike Mission Wolverine Weapon X Wolverine

  10. Mattel - Wikipedia › wiki › Mattel

    Mattel, Inc. (/ m ə ˈ t ɛ l /) is an American multinational toy manufacturing company founded in 1945 with headquarters in El Segundo, California.The products and brands it produces include Fisher-Price, Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, Polly Pocket, Enchantimals, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Masters of the Universe, American Girl, and Thomas & Friends.

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