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    Oct 16, 2014 - Queen of France • wife of Louis VIII of France • born 4 March 1188 – died 27 November 1252 (aged 64) • third daughter of Alfonso VIII, king of Castile, and Eleanor of England • grandaughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine • children: Louis IX of France, Robert I Count of Artois, Alphonse Count of Poitiers, Saint Isabelle, Charles I of Naples.

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    Seven Holy Founders of the Servites February 17 is the memorial of the Seven Holy Founders of the Order of Servites. These seven men were born into noble families in 13th century Florence, which was torn by political strife and filled with heresy.

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    Jul 23, 2016 · Most Holy Mary, Our Mother, in your great love for us you gave us the Holy Scapular of Mount Carmel, having heard the prayers of your chosen son Saint Simon Stock. Help us now to wear it faithfully and with devotion. May it be a sign to us of our desire to grow in holiness. (pause and mention petitions) Say: Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be

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    On Aug. 14, Pennsylvania released a statewide grand jury report on what the state attorney general's office called an \\"honest and comprehensive accounting of widespread sexual abuse by more than 300 priests.\\"

    Below are the names listed in the grand jury report, along with where clergy members served and details of allegations.

    In 1984, a known victim reported that Bender abused him in 1981, while the victim was in seventh grade. The victim reported that he was abused in Bender's bed, where oral and anal sex occured. Bender admitted to abusing the victim. He was sent to psychotherapy but again continued to serve as a priest.

    In 1987, Bender was put on a leave of absence. He was eventually arrested, convicted and sentenced to probation. In 2006, while collecting retirement benefits from the church, Bender was arrested in Long Island, New York, while traveling to meet what he believed was a 14-year-old boy for sex. The \\"boy\\" was an undercover detective.

    Summary: Records including email exchanges between the victim and the Diocese of Allentown indicate that in 2001, a known victim reported to the Diocese that Benestad sexually abused him from 1981 through 1983.

    Cofenas went on to write: \\"I am deeply sorry for letting you down again. You can imagine how hard it is for me to write this letter-especially when you trusted me and released me to the Mount.\\" Before ending the letter, Cofenas wrote, \\"I know you want to protect me and I appreciate your concern for me, but I ask you to consider the possibility of my staying at the Mount.\\"

    Summary: Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Gaffney was reported to have been involved in inappropriate and even sexual relations with adult women, one of which had a learning disability and whom he was counseling.

    Ganster eventually left the priesthood to get married, but there were other victims who came forward.

    The Diocese later wrote Ganster a reference letter while he was seeking employment at Walt Disney World. With the positive reference from the diocese, Ganster was hired by Walt Disney World and worked there for 18 years.

    Summary: During his years in ministry, Graff raped scores of children. The grand jury investigated not only Graff's conduct but the knowledge of the relevant Dioceses. The case of Graff is an example of dioceses that minimized the criminal conduct of one of their priests, while secretly noting the significant danger the priest posed to the public.

    The grand jury notes that the use of euphemisms was constant throughout the Dioceses of Pennsylvania, but particularly apparent in the case of Graff. Terms such as \\"sick leave\\" or \\"health leave\\" were often used to reference an absence from ministry related to child sexual abuse.

    In October 2003, a victim wrote to Bishop Edward Cullen stating that she had been sexually abused by Father Richard Guiliani. The victim was abused from the ages of 14 to 18.

    The victim recalled Guiliani telling her that he would protect her, that she could trust him, and that she should keep coming to him for help. Guiliani told the victim she deserved to be \\"cared for and loved.\\"

    Summary: In September 2003, Father Joseph Hulko admitted to the Diocese that he sexually abused a minor female while he was the Chaplain at St. Francis Orphanage in Orwigsburg, between June 1971 and October 1971. Hulko expressed that he had been troubled by it for a number of years, which prompted him to admit the abuse.

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    Full text of "The life and times of Margaret of Anjou, queen of England and France; and of her father René "the Good," king of Sicily, Naples, and Jerusalem.With memoirs of the houses of Anjou"

  9. Full text of "The life and times of Margaret of Anjou, queen ...

    Full text of "The life and times of Margaret of Anjou, queen of England and France; and of her father René "the Good," king of Sicily, Naples, and Jerusalem" See other formats

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    French poet and politician (1790-1869) he was a "political" republican who came to political prominence during the 1848 French Revolution. As the head of the Constituent Assembly he opposed Louis Blanc and pushed for the abolition of slavery and the death penalty; he would later run for president against Napoleon III and only got 18,000 votes.

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