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  1. Medieval Hungarian Gold Florin Series Continues with Release ...

    Apr 04, 2014 · (Mary, by the Grace of God, Queen of Hungary). The mintage is limited to only 500 coins and it is already sold out at the Hungarian Mint. It is available to North American collectors on a first ...

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  2. New Hungarian coins honor Queen Mary’s gold florins

    Apr 09, 2014 · Hungary’s newest coin celebrating the medieval gold florin coins from its history honors Queen Mary, who reigned from 1382 to 1395. Two Brilliant Uncirculated versions of the gold 50,000-forint...

  3. Hungarian Mint Issues Gold Florin of Queen Mary | CoinsWeekly

    Jul 23, 2014 · The piefort version has the edge inscription +MARIA•DEI•GRATIA•REGINA•VNGARIE (Mary, by the Grace of God, Queen of Hungary). Mary, Queen of Hungary, was born the daughter of King Louis I and Elizabeth Kotromanic of Bosnia in 1371.

  4. Hungary. 50,000 Forint 2014. Gold Florin of Queen Mary ...

    The 50,000 forint regular issue gold coin is of ducat standard (.986 gold, 3.491 grams) and limited to 2,000 brilliant uncirculated pieces. Mary, Queen of Hungary, was born the daughter of King Louis I and Elizabeth Kotromanić of Bosnia in 1371. One week after the death of King Louis on September 10, 1382, Mary was crowned Queen of Hungary in ...

  5. Forint - Mária (1382-1387) - Hungary – Numista

    Detailed information about the coin Forint, Mária (1382-1387), Hungary, with pictures and collection and swap management : mintage, descriptions, metal, weight, size, value and other numismatic data

  6. Queen Mary Case Translation Programme. Supreme Court ( Legfelsõ bb Biróság) of Hungary. 2000 [no exact date provided] [Legf. Bir. Gfl.30.299/2000] Translation by Tamás Szabados. Edited by Andrea Vincze

  7. List of Hungarian monarchs - Wikipedia

    This is a list of Hungarian monarchs, which includes the grand princes (895–1000) and the kings and ruling queens of Hungary (1000–1918). The Principality of Hungary established 895 or 896, following the 9th-century Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin .

  8. Hungarian mythology - Wikipedia

    ] After Hungarians were Christianized with the help of St. Gerard of Csanad, her figure fell out of favor for that of the Virgin Mary. In later years the name "Boldogasszony" and "Nagyboldogasszony" (Great Blessed Lady) was primarily used as a moniker for the Virgin Mary. She is also considered the "Queen (Regina) of Hungary". Hadúr (god)

  9. Charles I of Hungary - Wikipedia

    After the death of her brother, Ladislaus IV of Hungary, in 1290, Queen Mary announced her claim to Hungary, stating that the House of Árpád (the royal family of Hungary) had become extinct with Ladislaus's death.

  10. 444: George Soros: The man who would have killed his mother ...

    May 09, 2020 · Those who don’t live in Hungary and/or don’t know Hungarian can’t imagine the grip of the propaganda machine that has fixated on the person of George Soros. Therefore, I was pleased to see that took the time to collect some of the headlines which have appeared in the last few years.

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