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  1. Maria Theresa's coronation as Queen of Hungary - History of ...

    Jun 25, 2017 · When Maria Theresa inherited the Habsburg lands in 1740 on the death of her father, the only part of her empire that seemed secure was Hungary. The Hungarian Diet (parliament) had previously agreed to her accession to the throne and plans began almost immediately for a coronation ceremony.

  2. List of Hungarian monarchs - Wikipedia

    with Mary (1387–1395) 31 March 1387 – 9 December 1437 14 February 1368 Nuremberg Son of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and Elizabeth of Pomerania (1) Mary of Hungary 1 November 1385 Buda one child (2) Barbara of Cilli 6 December 1405 Székesfehérvár two children 9 December 1437 Znojmo aged 69

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  4. Kingdom of Hungary (1301–1526) - Wikipedia

    When Queen Mary died childless in 1395, her sister, Queen Jadwiga of Poland claimed the throne for herself, but Sigismund's partisans defeated her troops. In the meantime, Stefan Lazarević of Serbia accepted the Ottoman sultan's suzerainty, thus the Ottoman Empire's expansion reached the southern frontiers of Hungary in 1390.

  5. Holy Crown of Hungary - Wikipedia

    After this, Mary was depicted not only as patrona (patron saint) for the Kingdom of Hungary but also as regina (i.e. "queen"). This contract was supposed to empower the crown with divine force to help the future kings of Hungary and did help reinforce the political system based on the so-called "Doctrine of the Holy Crown" ( Hungarian : Szentkorona-tan ).

  6. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

    The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy was created by the union of the Germanic, Slavonic, and Hungarian provinces which now lie within its territory. This union took place in 1526. Upon the death of Louis II of Hungary and Bohemia at the battle of Mohács, in that year.

  7. Lady Mary Tudor | The Tudors Wiki | Fandom

    In total, nearly three hundred Protestants were burned during Mary's reign, earning her the hateful moniker "Bloody Mary." Despite protests from Parliament, Mary and Philip were married on July 25, 1554.

  8. Mary of Burgundy - Wikipedia

    Mary of Burgundy was born in Brussels at the ducal castle of Coudenberg, to Charles the Bold, then known as the Count of Charolais, and his wife Isabella of Bourbon. Her birth, according to the court chronicler Georges Chastellain , was attended by a clap of thunder ringing from the otherwise clear twilight sky.

  9. The Reign of Queen Mary I - Britain Express

    In the summer [of 1554] Mary and Philip were married. The parliament which met between the rebellion and the marriage showed the state of public feeling by refusing to restore the persecuting acts directed against heresy, or to exclude Elizabeth from the succession; on the other hand, the tendencies of the government were disclosed when those of the clergy who had availed themselves of the statute passed in the previous reign to take to themselves wives were deprived of their benefices.

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