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  2. math ( mahth ) noun 1. (general) (United States) a. las mates (F) (colloquial) I like math, and I want to be an engineer.Me gustan las mates, y quiero ser ingeniera. b. la mate (F) (colloquial) I'm looking for a tutor that will help me with math.Estoy buscando un profesor particular que me ayude con la mate. c. las matemáticas (F)

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  3. Feb 4, 2023 · Math: An Universal Language It’s been said that music and math are the only two truly universal languages. The idea behind this expression is that both music and math can be understood and deciphered by any human in the world, regardless of the language they speak.

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  5. Jan 22, 2019 · Spanish Terms of Arithmetic Here are the words for the simple mathematical functions and how they're used with numbers : Addition (Suma): Dos más tres son cinco. (Two plus three is five.) Note that in other contexts, más is usually an adverb . Subtraction (Resta): Cinco menos cuatro son uno. (Five minus four is one.)

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  6. matemáticas ( mah - teh - mah - tee - kahs ) plural noun 1. (general) a. mathematics Las matemáticas han avanzado mucho desde la época de Newton y Leibniz.Mathematics have progressed a lot since Newton and Leibniz's times. Este curso les servirá de introducción a las matemáticas aplicadas.

  7. Math Symbols in Spanish Quick Answer matemáticas = mathematics símbolos matemáticos = mathematical symbols How To Talk About Math in Spanish Whether you're still taking math classes in school or just need to figure out how to calculate the tip on your next restaurant bill, knowing how to talk about and do math is an important skill in any language.

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