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    2.Matilda (ca. 1251/53, Rheinfelden–23 December 1304, Munich), married 1273 in Aachen to Louis II, Duke of Bavaria and became mother of Rudolf I, Count Palatine of the Rhine and Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor.

  2. Matilda of Flanders | People/Characters | LibraryThing › character › Matilda+of+Flanders

    Common Knowledge People/Characters Matilda of Flanders. ... Holy Roman Emperor. ... Archduke of Austria, Governor of the Habsburg Netherlands.

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    Rudolf von Habsburg, Count of Habsburg, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (b 01.05.1218, ... John von Habsburg (d 1313) 3. Matilda or Mechtild of Habsburg (b 1251, d 1304)

  4. Maximilian II Von Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor Family Tree ... › family-tree › 47573

    Maximilian II Von Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor's great grandparents: Maximilian II Von Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor's great grandfather was Fernando II, Rey de Espana Maximilian II Von Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor's great grandmother was Isabella I, Reina de Castilla Maximilian II Von Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor's great great grandfather was Juan II, Rey de Castilla y Leon Maximilian II Von ...

  5. Matilda was born as the child of Otto II, Holy Roman Emperor, and Theophanu in 979. She breathed her last breath in 1025. ... Matilda Of Habsburg. Matilda. Matilda Of ...

  6. John Of Habsburg Biography | › person › john-of-habsburg

    John Of Habsburg Biography. Other People. Matilda of Habsburg. ... Agnes of Habsburg. Daughter Of Emperor Rudolph I Of Germany And His First Wife Countess Gertrude Of ...

  7. Early reign as Duke of Upper Bavaria › en › Louis_IV,_Holy

    Election as German King and conflict with Habsburg. The death of Holy Roman Emperor Henry VII in August 1313 necessitated the election of a successor. Henry's son John, King of Bohemia since 1310, was considered by many prince-electors to be too young, and by others to be already too powerful.

  8. Does Queen Elizabeth II have Habsburg ancestors? If so, who ... › Does-Queen-Elizabeth-II-have

    Queen Elizabeth’s last Habsburg ancestor is Archduchess Maria of Austria(1531–1581) who married Duke William the Rich of Jülich-Cleves-Berg(1516–1592) later and became Duchess Consort there.Although he was a protestant, her paternal uncle Charles ...

  9. Catherine of Habsburg, Duchess of Bavaria Family, Biography ... › en › Catherine_of_Habsburg

    He was in opposition to Habsburg and tried to regain Styria which Bavaria had lost in 1180. Otto supported Adolf, King of Germany against Habsburg and fought on his side in the Battle of Göllheim. The Hungarian crown was offered to Otto, a grandson of Béla IV of Hungary, in 1301 but he did not accept before 1305.

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    The Ottonian dynasty (German: Ottonen) was a Saxon dynasty of German monarchs (919–1024), named after three of its kings and Holy Roman Emperors named Otto, especially its first Emperor Otto I. It is also known as the Saxon dynasty after the family's origin in the German stem duchy of Saxony .