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    Apr 21, 2017 · The Augustan Society is an international non-profit membership ... Matilda of England (later ... III von Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor b. 21 September 1415, Innsbruck ...

  2. Family of Rudolph I of GERMANY and Gertude of HOHENBERG › ~dearbornboutwell › fam6143

    2.Matilda (ca. 1251/53, Rheinfelden–23 December 1304, Munich), married 1273 in Aachen to Louis II, Duke of Bavaria and became mother of Rudolf I, Count Palatine of the Rhine and Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor.

  3. Exposing the Sorcerers: the Habsburgs – The TRUTH SOURCE › exposing-the-sorcerers-part-ii

    King of Germany. (King of – Romans) Rudolf was the son of Albert IV, Count of Habsburg. Rudolf came from 14 generations of nobility and wealth. He had 11 children with Gertrude of Hohenburg: 1c1g Matilda – mother of Louis IV, H. Roman Emperor in 1328-. 2c1g Albert I, King of Germany (1255-1308) called Albrecht.

  4. Family tree of German monarchs - The Reader Wiki, Reader View ... › en › Kings_of_Germany_family_tree

    of Habsburg 1271–1297: Rudolf II Duke of Austria 1270–1290: Agnes of Bohemia: Matilda of Habsburg 1253–1304: Louis II Duke of Bavaria 1229–1294 r.1253–1294: Elizabeth of Virneburg ≈1303–1343: Henry the Friendly of Austria 1299–1327: Leopold I Duke of Austria 1290–1326 r.1308–1326: Catherine of Savoy 1284–1336: Henry VII ...

  5. Agnes of Bavaria (nun) - Unionpedia, the concept map › Agnes_of_Bavaria_(nun)

    Matilda of Habsburg. Matilda of Habsburg or Melchilde (1253 in Rheinfelden – 23 December 1304 in Munich, Bavaria) was the eldest daughter of Rudolph I of Germany and Gertrude of Hohenburg. New!!: Agnes of Bavaria (nun) and Matilda of Habsburg · See more » Munich

  6. Ferdinand Zvonimir von Habsburg - Infogalactic: the planetary ... › Ferdinand_Zvonimir_von_Habsburg

    Ferdinand Zvonimir von Habsburg (Ferdinand Zvonimir Maria Balthus Keith Michael Otto Antal Bahnam Leonhard; born 21 June 1997 in Salzburg), referred to in Austria as Ferdinand Zvonimir Habsburg-Lothringen, in Hungary as Habsburg Ferdinánd Zvonimir, and by his royal name as Archduke Ferdinand Zvonimir of Austria, is the eldest son of Karl von Habsburg, now head of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine.

  7. Stirnet › genie › data

    1. Albert I of Habsburg, Duke of Austria, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (b 07.1255, d 01.05.1308) had issue. m. Elisabeth of Carinthia (d 1313, dau of Meinhard V of Tyrol) 2. Rudolf II, Duke of Austria (b 1270, d 1290) m. (1289) Agnes of Bohemia (b 1269, d 1296, dau of Premsyl II Otakar, King of Bohemia) A.

  8. Empress Of The Holy Roman Emperor Photos and Premium High Res ... › photos › empress-of-the-holy

    henry ii "the saint", 6.5.973 - 13.7.1024, holy roman emperor 14.2.1014 - 13.7.1024, with wife cunigunde before jesus christ, miniature, circa 1150, bamberg city library - empress of the holy roman emperor stock illustrations

  9. Why wasn't Hungary incorporated into the Holy Roman Empire ... › Why-wasnt-Hungary-incorporated

    The Holy Roman Empire and its predecessor state, the East Frankish Kingdom, tried to conquer Hungary several times. The first major attempt took place in 907 AD when an East Francian army, consisting mainly of Bavarian troops led by Prince Luitpol...

  10. Origins - › en › Ottonian_dynasty

    The Ottonian dynasty (German: Ottonen) was a Saxon dynasty of German monarchs (919–1024), named after three of its kings and Holy Roman Emperors named Otto, especially its first Emperor Otto I. It is also known as the Saxon dynasty after the family's origin in the German stem duchy of Saxony .

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