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  1. Matilda of Flanders | People/Characters | LibraryThing › character › Matilda+of+Flanders

    Common Knowledge People/Characters Matilda of Flanders. ... Holy Roman Emperor. ... Archduke of Austria, Governor of the Habsburg Netherlands.

  2. Maximilian II Von Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor Family Tree ... › family-tree › 47573

    Maximilian II Von Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor's great grandparents: Maximilian II Von Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor's great grandfather was Fernando II, Rey de Espana Maximilian II Von Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor's great grandmother was Isabella I, Reina de Castilla Maximilian II Von Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor's great great grandfather was Juan II, Rey de Castilla y Leon Maximilian II Von ...

  3. European Heraldry :: Early Royal › england › royal

    Matilda (c. 1102 – 1167) Matilda (c. 1102 – 1167) Queen of England (disputed) from 1141 to 1148. Married firstly Henry V (1081 or 1086– 1125) King of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor and secondly Geoffrey V (1113 – 1151) Count of Anjou, Touraine, and Maine.

  4. All About Royal Families: The Roman Series: Who was Emperor ... › 2021 › 07

    Finally Vespasian became the last Emperor of that. year. However before Vespasian became Emperor, Domitian was placed under house. arrest by Vitellius as a safeguard against Flavian aggression. On 21 December 69 the Senate proclaimed Vespasian as Emperor, he was joined. by his relatives including Domitian.

  5. Albrecht II. von Habsburg (1298-1358) | Familypedia | Fandom › wiki › Albrecht_II

    Albrecht II von Habsburg, Graf von Habsburg, Herzog von Österreich, Herzog von Kärnten, was born 12 December 1298 Habsburg Castle in Habsburg, Switzerland to Albrecht I von Habsburg (1255-1308) and Elisabeth von Kärnten (1262-1313) and died 16 August 1358 Vienna, Austria of unspecified causes. He married Johanna of Pfirt (1300-1351) 26 March 1324 JL in Vienna, Austria. Charlemagne (747-814 ...

  6. Married Saints | Latin Mass Wedding › married-saints

    The list below features a sample of married saints and holy men and women that will, hopefully, serve as models of sanctity. Saints. Blessed Karl and Servant of God Zita Habsburg. Bogle, J., and J. Bogle. A Heart for Europe: The Lives of Emperor Charles and Empress Zita of Austria-Hungary.

  7. Pedigree: Marie-Theresa d' AUTRICHE-ESTE › s099 › f002467

    -- Matilda d' ESTE + &&&> [ 255 ,Es,TMX , & ] Her Grandchildren: Carlo III (Duke) of PARMA ; Franz V Ferdinand HABSBURG-LOTHARINGEN ; Ferdinand Karl Victor (Archduke) of AUSTRIA-ESTE ; Maria Theresia Beatrice Gaetane von AUSTRIA-ESTE

  8. One-PagAAR - Habsburg Trek: The Next Chineration | Paradox ... › forum › threads

    Sep 06, 2020 · That Ida had been married matrilineally to Giselbert von Luxembourg, the son of Matilda di Canossa and Hermann von Luxembourg. Their daughter, Reginlind, conquered Sardinia, granted Tuscany to another house (although it did for a time come into the possession of a cadet branch of Habsburg), and declared herself Queen of Sardinia.

  9. Murtagon's Genealogical Musings - Monarchy Forum › post › murtagons

    An Emperor and an Empress: 1) Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor (1685 – 1740): 6 th cousin (1 x removed) [1]. 2) Anna of Russia (1693 – 1740): distantly related.

  10. Royalty & Monarchs Trivia Questions & Answers | People › trivia › People

    Jul 19, 2021 · The House of Habsburg takes its name from a castle in Switzerland named for the hawks that flew above it, the German word for hawk being Habicht, thus "Habichtsburg," and "Habsburg." This castle goes back to the 1020s. The first noble to use the name was Otto II, the grandson of the castle's builder, Count Radbot of Klettgau.

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