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  1. Japanese legendary emperors, according to the ancient Japanese calendar, reigned for very long terms of 60–70 years each. The longest ruler of the legendary emperors, Emperor Kōan, was claimed to have reigned for about 101 years. These figures are not included in the table because they are regarded as inaccurate by modern scholars.

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  4. View Franz II/I Joseph Karl von Habsburg-Österreich, last Holy Roman Emperor, 1st Emperor of Austria's family tree Walchelin de Ferriers, Lord of Oakham (c.1141 - 1201) Walchelin de Ferrieres (or Walkelin de Ferrers) (died 1201) was a Norman baron and principal captain of Richard I of England.[1]The Ferriers family hailed from the southern ...

  5. -elected emperor 1521-defender of Catholicism >Reformation lead to religious wars-Protestant territories = military alliances >Habsburg troops fighting Ottoman Turks & Vaois kings of France >Habsburg Valois war advanced Protestantism and political fragmentation of German Empire-1535 Charles agreed Peace of Augsburg

  6. Byzantine emperor Leo III bans worship of religious icons. Viking raids against Western Europe begin. c.732 794 Muslims defeated by Franks at Poitiers, France, halting Muslim expansion into Western Europe. Emperor Kammu moves Japanese capital from Nara to Kyoto. 739 800 Charlemagne crowned emperor of the Romans by Pope Leo III. Death of Muhammad.

  7. Dec 24, 2015 · illuminati terrorism - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free.

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